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  • Jan 19, 2015

I purchased 500 Twitter followers from to jumpstart a new twitter account. There home page advertising states the twitter followers will be from USA, UK or Canada. When the twitter followers began to arrive they were all from non English-speaking countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece. I contacted buymedialikes to inquire about the non-USA, UK or Canadian followers. Buymedialikes said I should have notified them during the order process if I required a desired audience. I reminded them about their ad banner on their home page that states the following:

All Plans include

US, UK & Canadian Followers

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

24/7 Customer service

Buymedialikes stated there was no more they could do. They suggested I be more specific when ordering next time. I guess 100% satisfaction is not guaranteed.

  • Jul 2, 2014

This company is a joke. I talk to the online chat person to ask some questions before placing my order. The online chat person was very convincing. Said what I was asking for would be no problem. They do targeted likes all the time and I would just have to send an email stating that is what I want. Well i did do that and double checked with this compny and was told it would be fine that my order was being processed. three days later my order was completed with non targeted leads from other countries. I contacted this compny by email and online chat. Everytime you email you have to wait 24 hours for a response. The online chat person will not fix or answer to your problem. When you try calling the number to this company it goes to a machine everytime.

After going back and forth this company would not correct the problem or give me a refund. They kept saying that they over delivered my order. I told them yes they did to a different country......That was not what I ordered. They did acknowledge they received my email but would not fix the proble. Also they state on their site 100% money back......well thats not true.

They also do not have many reviews on this company. I believe the reviews that are out there was put out by this company. I have tried adding my review and it never shows up.

This company seems like a great company to deal with when you talk to the online chat person. The online chat person will make this company sound like its the best thing. I would never recommend this company to anyone. If a company makes a mistake they should fix it and make it right!

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