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  • Apr 18, 2015


Like the other reviews, I lost money and only realized it when I was not sent a tracking number after I sent my money through an Amazon gift card. The people on this website even told me how to get the money to them, and my questions were answered until after I sent them this gift card. I wouldnt have ordered if I had looked up and found these reviews first. Lesson learned but whats sad is that people like myself have some severe pain issues and are desperate to have pain relief, so it sounds so good to know it will be shipped overnight. Well it wont be shipped. Imagine all the money these people are making with the billions of potential people who may order. I also read this group may be affiliated with the russian mafia. I dont want to support these people and I hope you dont either.

  • Jul 21, 2014

Their website looks legitimate-they post reviews of "happy customers" but it all a sham. I saw reviews on this very website and didn't listen-PLEASE's a sham, fraud and rip off- I lost fill dollars and unless you want to do the same take your business elsewhere.

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