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  • May 23, 2015

We are also a victims of BUYPD with an identical situation, except the suckered us into purchasing 9 properties. 3 of them are rental houses, and after we closed on them, we are supposed to be collecting rents, we found out one of the properies is vacant! How do they sell income-genertating properties that have no tenants, which they guaranteed us tenants for 12 months. I am currently trying to get the rent reimbursement check, they tell me that they keep half of it and it won't be sent out for weeks! ! The other two rental properties have closed, so when calling the property management company to find out where the rent checks are going, turns out BUYPD says they collect the rent and its their money until the county mails them the deed back!! Bulls*! The sale is closed and the deed has alreadY been recorded with the county, how the hell is it YOUR money? Not to mention, they sold us the houses for far money than their worth, in a place that has 7 violent crimes within a 1 mile span from the property's front door! 4 of which were residential burglaries!! Are you f* kidding me? So now we are slumlords stuck! I found out today, when the property management company, *(supposedly located right by the property, right?) Calls me back today leaves a message saying shes returning my call from the property management company they hired in Michigan. .....I notice she called from a Utah are code so I call the number back and its BUYPD!!! What shady scam artists!! They all work together and I am pissed off!!

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  • Jun 8, 2016

let's chat - victims of buypd

I to have been taken advantage of by buypd. I have retained legal counsel but need more victims to file a complaint in court, please contact if you are interested. [email protected] and please put BUYPD SCAM in the subject line so I can find you in my junk mail. Thank you

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  • Jun 8, 2016

Let's chat if you are a victim of BuyPD's property scam

I purchased 3 properties at over inflated prices and have received no rents from the property management company (Sycamore PM) for the last 2 years. I sold one below my purchase price and the other 2 I will foreclose on because they too are below purchase price and one actually has only a market value of $10k after paying $75k for it. I have lost all the money I invested.

Someone needs to stop them, they are doing this w/ hundreds of folks every month at the Buying Summit. If you want your investment back contact me; maybe we can help each other and save others from being a victim.

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  • May 8, 2015

Buypd I was totally 100 percent agrees to previous message about this company is the biggest scammer. South Jordan, Utah

I was also the victim of this company that sold me a house in 2013 during the buying summit in Las vegas in april 2013, which they

showed in their computers and Corelogic with report showing their house has $40,000 improvement, as

I was suckered into to buying it for $55,000 which months later I find out it was only worths $20,000.

Same story as the person in 2014 buying summit, I have to pay $22,000 and other $6000 to have viel protection incase I got sue from renter or bypassers/and $4000 for the accountant.with each payment of payment $39,99 any questions with the taxation.

Then buypd property manager in the beginning didn't sent me the rent for few months which when I complainted to them, they sent a

some kind of forms that i have to sign which release them of any liability and claims against them and no to get any assistant with any legal lawyers.

Last month the water tank was broken take me $750 to fixed it and I have asked them about the list of what kinds of

improvement they have done on this house which they said they dont have that information.

With all this money that I spent with this seminar and other expenses totally amost 80,000 which I would not get it back

for longer than 10 years owning this house and they also told me i can get the local bank after using the their private lender

with 12% with balloon mortgage for 1 1/2 year to have good payment records and then local banks could get their loan which it was not true must be American with social security numbers inorder to get the loan and I will never to make any money to pay off the 40,000 loan at all.

please call me at 778-xxx-xxxx if any class law sue that we can do to get back of the money that we work so hard

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  • Nov 15, 2015

BuyPD Consumer scam

Is there a class action pending against buypd? Please email me, trying to help a defrauded family member.

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  • Jun 8, 2016

Lets talk - looking for victims of BuyPD

I to am a victim of BuyPD - purchased 3 over inflated properties in 2014 and the property management company (Sycamore PM) has kept all my rent and rehab money without making the repairs - it's been a horrible 2 years owing these properties. I have been in contact with legal counsel but more clients are needed to get all the money owed to us. Please contact me if you have been a victim and are willing to share the cost of legal fees to file a complaint in court; I already have drafted a complaint. Please email me at [email protected] and put BUYPD SCAM in the subject line so I can find you in my junk mail.

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