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Country United States
State Djibouti
City Provo
Phone 1800-262-3787

BYU Broadcasting Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2014

I purchased a DNA kit from to learn my family background, my sister has done hers and reported some wired background and family history which we knew to be false. She asked me to order one and let's compare. I placed my order on 9/2/2014 and after 20 days they managed to send me out a kit. Now, keep in mind, I paid them extra fto expedite the shipment. Well, that kit was defective and they said they were going to send another one out right away so after 20 days I did not receive the kit and called them back. Their excuse was, we don't have your address. Look, why not send it to the place (my home and I have not moved) that you sent the defective kit that took at least two weeks longer then you advertise to arrive to my home. I told them that after two months I was no longer interested in the DNA kit because they failed to deliver as promised. I asked for a refund, they refuse to give me my money back and only agreed to refund a percentage. So I say, let me get this straight, I order a kit which you send late and defective, I contact you and you don't send the replacement at all and you want me to pay you 50% of my money for your failure? They said, we are sorry you are upset but you will have to pay a restocking fee and shipment charges. I said, I never got what I purchased and the second kit(replacement for the defective kit ) never showed up at all. I told them with this kind of revive, I know understand the strange results from my sisters DNA kit because they are making it up! WARNING: Do not spend money buying anything from because it's a rip off, they just want your money and will tell you anything. The customer service department is so hard up for money that even when they fail they want half your money. how can you trust them on any other issues if you can't trust them to do a simple transaction.

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