C.E.D. Development

Country United States
State Bulgaria
City Kalamazoo
Address 823 Craft
Phone 269-569-9019

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  • Jul 26, 2014

Tony Pizine of CED Development contracted with us to remodel our kitchen and guaranteed work to be completed within three days. Work was never completed and very sloppy.

Mr. Pizine couldn’t even pick up the right parts throughout the process, delaying work getting done and then blaming the workers for not being timely. Finally, the house owners, had to get the remaining cabinets. The kitchen facet Mr. Pizine bought was the lowest grade possible and had to be replaced less than three months later.

The last day the crew was at the house, we complained about the new facet leaking. The work was never completed and the leak was never fixed causing damage to the new cabinets, because no one ever returned to fix the problem. Tony never came back to see if the job had indeed been completed. After calling Tony back to fix the leak and not hearing back from him, homeowners had to fixed the problem themselves.

Billing issues. Mr. Pizine never wanted payments made out to the Company – CED Development. Instead he had payments made to Christine E. DeLaRosa or his driver, Vince Kalinowski. Final receipt never reflected actual work that was done or payments made, despite several requests. Additionally, Mr. Pizine, was very unprofessional to his crew and was down right condescending (verbally abusive) in front of home owners to the 18 year old son of the man who was working for him. I would not recommend this guy to anyone.

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