Country United States
State Utah
City Midvale
Address 411 W 7200 S #300
Phone 801-255-8166


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  • Apr 25, 2014

WE have been member scense 2012 $2450 pluss $499 dues--2013 $7358 and $499 dues we could use all 10 camp grounds with stays up to 2 wks. with an option for anothe week if they were not busy and no increase in dues or extra fees and in 2017 we would pay no more annuel dues because I would be over 70yrs old--2014 paid $499 dues due every Jan. 1st---------April 1-2014 informed we had to pay $880 more due to a board member which the will not name nor go after he embesled 4.1 MILLION ------ Now is that not very SWEET--of them----NO BUT WAIT LISTEN-------because we live on a fixed income and canot aford an aditional $880 they are going to revoke our membership even though we are PAID IN FULL till Jan. 1st 2016---- BUT they wont go after some fake unnamed person that wrote himself out some $4,100,000 over a 4yr period--

I am the National President of the PURPLE HEART COMBAT WOUNDED MILITARY ASSOSIATION--we are NOT a multi MILLIOM DOLLAR corpation-----I as the Nat. Pres. CAN NOT WRITE A CHECK OUT with out 2 other National Board members signature pluss the National tresures signature on it--let alone to myself signed by myself---where are their checks and ballances--their semi annuel odit amd monthly finances presented by the corpation tresure --- at the monthly meetings-------this is nothing but a SCAM propergated by buy liers and theivs------a class action suit will be filed agenst camperworld nationaly---yes all you that are assoiated with camperworld will be named in the suit------hope you get all get sellmates named Big Buba and that calls you Mary---dont drop the soap----you all will get yours in the end----I pray to God that none of you are LDS.

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  • Jul 2, 2015

IM A BENEFICAL OWNER OF CAMPERWORLD TRUST SINCE 1978 I HAVE PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN MAINTENCE FEES -ASSESSMENTS To have access to 10 Parks In January 2014 I received my Notice from Camperwoeld of my Dues for 2014 of $599.- Febuary 2014 after receiving payment from Owners and Members Camperworld Utah closed the office and notifed park manager they were fired. In Febuary I received an EMAIL telling me I owe Camperworld $899.00 . A REAL ESTATE was hired by the non-Elected Board to appraise and sell the Camperworld Property. WITHOUT THE BENEFICAL OWNERS. SIX PARKS were sold. NOW IM BEING THREATENED IF I DONT PAY THEM $1,200. I WILL LOSE MY BENEFICAL MEMBERSHIP TO CAMPERWORLD TRUST I was not allowed to use the remaing 4 parks in 2014 because I did not pay them !899.00

  • Oct 25, 2014

We have never been informed about the misuse of funds with this company. Camperworld has never contacted us by mail or e-mail over the last 20 years except to send me the yearly dues/maintance fee invioce and once, for names of family members and a copy of my drivers license to prove I am still alive?????

We gave them several thousand dollars to join Camperworld, RPI, Coast to Coast, and signed a contract stating that our yearly fees would never go up.

This month I recieved a bill from Camperworld demanding an extra $150 over my normal yearly fee. I called the Camperworld office and I was told that they had SOLD some of the campgrounds, which we have never been notified about any such transactions. I was also told this $150 assessment was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME FEE fee and no additional fees would be required again in the future.

On top of it ALL, I was told (Threatened) that "Camperworld may close down forever, if we don't pay the additional $150 plus our annual fee, and if we didn't, we would lose not only our home park(Camperworld), but, Coast to Coast and RPI also!!! " What is going on here? (Iv,e paid faithfully for the past 20 years! Used the Utah campgrounds twice!!!! (We Intended to use this package when we retired.)


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