Canada Purple Shield

Country Canada
State Eritrea
City Calgary
Address 83-16 Midlake Boulevard SE Calgary, AB T2X 9Z9
Phone 8882572279

Canada Purple Shield Reviews

  • May 9, 2014

They took money from both my parents for years after they scammed them with their misleading promotional mail that looks like it's from the government or Canada Post. My parents and many other elderly people don't look closely at their mail, so when they see something that looks almost identical to something from the Government of Canada (ie. brown envelope with black Canada flag in left corner) or with the actual Canada Post logo with tiny words "delivered by" in front of it. Their mail always has some urgent statement on it asking you to act fast before it's too late!! Anyway, they tricked my parents and who knows how many others out there. If their questionable customer acquisition practices weren't bad enough, when I found out about these plans my parents' had when my father passed away, we tried to collect on them and they said we weren't eligible to collect anything because the person who had been paying had passed away prematurely and we did not contact the insurance company within an allotted period of time. So we got NOTHING for my father's funeral expenses! My siblings and I didn't even know about these plans being in place until way after he passed away. Too far past the date to be able to take advantage of the insurance coverage. My entire family was very upset about this whole matter and came together to pay for the funeral expenses, so it worked out alright that way. But ridiculous customer service at Purple Shield too. Didn't seem to care at all about my concerns. I would NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE to use Canada Purple Shield! And their CONSTANT unsolicited mailings are a painful reminder of a difficult and trying time in my family's life.

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