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  • Jan 7, 2015

I took CCWS as prescribed from Oct. 15 to Dec. 29, 2014 made by CandidaLabsCoLtd and sent from Bangkok as prescribed by my Chiropractor, on 5 days, off 10 days, and on 12/29/14 I felt my head was going to blow off...I iced it and had my neighbor take me to the Hospital E.R. where they gave me Blood Pressure pills I never took before. While I was on the pills I was having kidney problems, blood pressure problems, liver and allergy problems, GB woudn't digest fat, no peristalysis for digestion, constipation, but didn't put together this was from CCWS until I looked back at it all. I also saw online this was a PESTICIDE, INSECTICIDE veteranarian grade from China so I was POISONED, and my kidneys were unable to detox this fast enough and raised my blood pressure, causing me to have a Cat Scan, Xray and EKG, radiation I did NOT need.

This appears to be a scam of the highest damage to humans and must be stopped ASAP. They are in Bangkok and have no address on their websites. There is a suspicious site selling their product called Vaughter Wellness proclaiming the safety of this product, and I have written her about my pre stroke, and she replied she sold 50,000 to 70,000 of the CCWS with no complaints, and made no queries about what happened to me. I don't know where she is either, but she has other sites, on Dysbiosis, etc. so see for yourself. I will forward her emails to you.

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