Canyon Crossing Recovery

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Prescott
Address 201 S. Penn Avenue
Phone 1-800-651-7254

Canyon Crossing Recovery Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2014

My daughter was a client at Canyon Crossing for two weeks in October 2014. We removed our daughter from Canyon Crossing due to the following issues:

1. Canyon Crossing presents itself as a sober living house for woman in recovery from addiction and dual diagnosis. The owner and staff engaged in psychological treatment of the clients without any credentials. There was Clinical Director who had proper credentials but his role was minimal in treatment of the clients.

2. House managers from Canyon Crossing took clients on outings in which the managers drove over the speed limit and seat belts were not used.

3. Canyon Crossing did not have carbon monoxide detectors in the facility during the time our daughter was a client there despite an aging furnace and recommendations by the repairman.

4. The owner engaged in bullying and intimidating behavior when a decision was being made to remove our daughter from the facility. We were told that if she were to leave she would have to leave that day and go to a hotel. The owner later reneged on that ultimatum. According to Sober Living Network Standard for Homes "In the event a resident is asked to leave the home, all reasonable efforts much be made to find alternative lodging, exception for immediate danger to health, safety and welfare of residents or the community."

5.Canyon Crossing engaged in such practices as having the clients wear signs to group meetings for "bad behavior." Signs such as "boy ban" and " won't speak unless spoken to." These are therapeutic techniques that should only be used by licensed mental health professionals which the owner and staff are not.

In summary Canyon Crossing is over stepping its bounds as a sober living facility. Clients are subjected to mental health therapies by persons who are non licensed as mental health professionals. This has the potential to harm vulnerable woman with addiction and mental health disorders.

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