Capital Parking Enforcement

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Phoenix
Address Post Office Box 42465
Phone 6027146909

Capital Parking Enforcement Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2014

Where does it state in the CC & R’s how to get a parking pass on a holiday weekend (Veterans Day) @ 10 pm at night when your daughter needs to borrow your car to take her step-father to the airport to catch a red eye?

My step daughter’s car was not in good working condition and when she needed a car she called us. This was approximately 9 pm on 11-9-13. We allowed her to borrow our car while she left hers in the guest parking. After returning from the airport around 1:30 am it was discovered her car was missing. We thought it had been stolen!

My wife frantically tried to find out where the car had disappeared to and after a lengthy search it was discovered in the towing yard.It will cost $170.00 dollars to get it back.

We ask for our $170.00 to be refunded to us as we could not get a parking pass.

My proposal to the board is to create a “Welcome Committee” to inform any new people moving into the neighborhood of the consequences in the aforementioned scenario.

I would be willing to spearhead this committee and draw up a letter (with board approval) that we can distribute to any newcomer to our community.

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