Country United States
State Burkina Faso
City Ednia
Address P.O. Box 398104
Phone 18004142622

CAR HOP; UAC Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2014

Car Hop and UAC are a corrupt company that should and will be put out of business. I am filing a major lawsuit against this company, which by the way is one in the same company, for negligance, false advertisment, unfair business practices and viloation of the Fair Debt Collection Act. I purchased a vechicle recently from the Car Hop in Lakewwod, Wa. at that time it took three days of lies from the salesman to tell me that I was finally approved. I became very ill and did not make my weekly payment for two weeks. I then paid everything current. In the process I was called by one of the references I put down to tell me someone called her saying they were a private investigator looking for me. I then recieved a call from my ex wife and mother saying they were there and called them liars and "bitches". I called the so called reposser to find out what was happening. At that time he threaten to "beat the shit out of me or shoot me " in order to take possesion of the vechicle. I then called UAC who said they put a stop to the collections due to the fact they recieved information that I paid. I stopped to see someone and within one minute of exiting the vechicle someone jumped into it and drove off. That was disturbing to me due to the fact they must have been "stalking" me and the same person who threaten me. I called UAC to be told they were "calling the contract". I have filed a police report and will file a lawsuit in the morning. I have the conversation recorded of the threats and the racists remarks that were said about my girlfriend (who has nothing to do with this at all). I will not stop till this company is exposed for who they really are. I have read the reports on here from people and the 100's of complaints to the BBB. It is time for this company to be put out of business!!

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