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Country United States
State Afghanistan

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  • Apr 23, 2014

I have bought a 2009 and Chevy pickup from Carbone Gm for 22,000. The first day i bought this truc k it was a lemon. The first 100 miles the brakes went metal to metal, then the 2 day the air bag light comes on then 7 days later the check engine like come on , so i check it out with my garage and the come up with 7 major codes. So i call Alex Carbone and me and my aunt meet up with and he say go to the gm capitol and the will fix it it cam back to me with the same problem the he tell me when we meet up with him and after i call him 25 time and he say go to my Gm location and look at the truck down there that i want to get you out of that junk and put you into something better which i went to look at truck and they where just as bad as the one i got i did try one out and the oil was leaking on the cross over pipe and it almost caught fire and he wanted 24,000 thousand.know i am stuck with the one i have and can not even drive it or nor pass inspection. He does not stand behind every thing and he is a liar and it a name you know and a name you can not trust, and a name you get taken by.Again i relized this is used but if i wanted this head ache i could have bought one junk for 2, 000 and had probably have the problems.

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