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Carchex Warranty Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2014

I have a carchex warranty and it means nothing!!!!!! I have a 2006 Equinox that is making a tapping noise. I took it to the dealership and they determined it was the lifters and they also found I have a leak in the coolant system which both are covered in the warranty. Well before the mechanics took anything apart they had to confirm i was covered. Carchex is suppose to send out an inspector to make sure the claim is legit. Well after weeks of not sending anyone out someone at carchex told the dealership it was ok to take the engine apart I would be covered. After Carchex gave the ok the dealership took apart the engine and then the inspector decided to come out and deny the claim because he says my lifters haven't clasped yet. Eventhough the engine is tapping still and the dealership told him the lifters are bad they still denied the claim. AND NOW they want me to pay the bill from them taking the whole engine apart even though they are the ones who authorized it. When I brought this to their attention they told me their administration would never authorized that but I know they did cause everytime I called to check on the progress carchex kept telling me everything looks good. But when it came time to pay up they basically changed their mind. I had several conversation with carchex and they kept telling ne everything is ok. Now that my car is ready all the sudden I gotta come up with $1200. This is unbelievable and I wish I would've never looked twice at this warranty. This is definately one of my biggest regrets ever. if my lifters clasp my engine will blow.

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