Cardinal Management Group Inc

Country United States
State East Timor
City Woodbridge
Address 4330 Prince William Pkwy
Phone 703-569-5797

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  • Apr 15, 2015

This is a warning to anyone who is considering dealing with Cardinal Management Group. Steve Rugen. Community Manager harassed me verbally on several occasions and never offered the apology. They called me a liar, a "pain in the a%&, " yelled at me over the phone and even posted a letter threat on the front door of my home. Bottom line is, even if this company claims to be do a good job, steer clear!

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  • Nov 6, 2014

Our nightmare with Cardinal Management Group started Nov 2013 when we received a letter that we planted trees without approval. We promptly followed up with emails and phone calls. We recently planted two fig bushes and wnated to explain that these are simply bushes NOT trees. After 4 months of numerous emails and phone calls (we documented everything) finally almost 5 months later, our community rep, Ms Victoria Gardner finally responded, "Nicole, I recall the owners responce previously, but can you please see what is in the unit file about the boards decision on this case?" This is the first written responses from us. We removed two lovely fig bushes that we thought was a problem and reported to the association.

The association responded:

Thank You for your emailand responce to my letter, Once the violation is corrected it requires a written response which you have now done. I will note your account, we will stop the charges and re-inspect your property."

However, no action has been taken from Cardinal to stop the charges. We continued to receive harassing Letters.

In August 2014, we received a letter from a collection attorney REES Broome, PC( Do not use this firm they turn a deaf ear to any of your questions and issues. They only care about collecting fees.) (Scum Buckets) The association is assessing $900 penalty for us planting two tree plus leagal fees.

Later when we started to fight back and they conveniently say fig bushes are not the problem, It is the Pear Tree that we planted. They have never mentioned the pear trees are the subject of the violation EVER in any of the oral and written communicatios.

We planted two pear trees nearly 10 years ago before the community ever had the community policy book, In addition why can't explain it clearly to us considering that we have made numerous attempts to repond to their harassing letters???

The bottom lineis DO NOT USE CARDINAL MANAGEMENT GROUP.We have two properties within the community and pay over $200 each month for their services. They do not respond to calls, emails and have an extermely poor management system: no tracking system in place that we are aware of addressing community issues

ON top of everything the board of directors are out of touch with the community and treat the homeowners like crap not listening to complaints and need to be voted out.

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