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  • Oct 25, 2014

Have never in my life made one of these posts and surely never again will as i like to handle things in my own manner, which is exactly what i will do with our friend Philly. But after reading just a few of your posts i now feel obligated to hopefully share some helpful info i have gathered in just a few days since meeting Phil Cardone (real name) over the phone less than a week ago. I will spare all details of why this scumbag owes me even a much larger sum of money than many of you are speaking of, but rest assured karma has now caught up with him and ill leave it at that. Please save your time having any of your attorneys or law enforement officials attempt to contact me as i said before we handle our matters in a much different way and even this paragraph is way out of the realm. I apologize but i will be absolutley no help to you unfortunatly on that end.. I strictly did this to hopefully shed some new light on this scumbag. I would although encourage those of you who have seen his face to confirm with me through the email i have made up that he is in fact our guy as i have never personally met him face to face. Im certain after hearing the stories of b******* that come out of his mouth that we have the same guy. Everything matches up. He is currently living in subdivision in Las Vegas off of rd. He spends much of his time at the new SLS hotel and at the Bellagio I am told, as well as the Golden Nugget downtown.. His current phone number as of todays date is 312 xxx xxxx.. Apologize i dont have much more info on him but for my intentions thats all we will need. Good luck to all

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