Cardpool, Inc.

Country United States
State Aruba
City Pleasanton
Address 6220 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
Phone 1.9252269990

Cardpool, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2014

This company was quick to take my money, but then shipped the card to te wrong state. They don't offer a customer service number, so after I emailed them 4 times when my card didn't arrive after the 3-7 BD quoted, they said even though it was shipped to the wrong state (Alabama), their policy is to make a customer wait a full 3 weeks to see if it arrived. If it doesn't, I was told I'd have to contact them again, and they might refund at that time. I then asked for a tracking number, which they cannot provide, they have no idea where my giftccard is at, yet have had my money for several weeks.

  • Sep 24, 2014

Like many other people, I purchased a gift card from this company. They charged my credit card, then never delivered it. I've sent FOUR emails and have never gotten a single response. They have no phone number, so you have no recourse. Please google this company, you will see HUNDREDS of other stories like mine, this is a deadbeat, fraudulent company!!

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