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City Waltham
Address 201 Jones Rd
Phone 8772273115
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  • Apr 29, 2014

Care.Com is a website for Caregivers of Seniors and Children. You can register for free, however they claim if you pay them that you will be a premium member with certain benefits. I joined as a premium member and I did not get any benefits. I sent several emails and called them on the phone and they sent me emails that ignored the facts.

They stated that I needed to search on a different side of the website. According to their statement on the website if you pay to become a premium member, you will receive notification of new families in your email box and notification of jobs before the nonmembers. I was already receiving the same emails before I joined, and those messages are old job ads. I joined for one month only to test it out.

Its a SCAM!! I told them right to their face in my emails, not to scam people out of their hard earned money afterall its a webite to find jobs. This weekend people paid to post jobs which would start on sunday afternoon however, no one was notified of these jobs and the job itself did not show up on the website until monday afternoon. Example a lady needed someone to watch her children for sunday. The job shows up on monday 24 hours later. another lady posted for someone to come at 630am on monday for two days. The job showed up monday afternoon. I confronted them about this and they made excuses. Also you are asked to put your photo and phone number on the site and when I did that I was bombed with text messages and phone calls from strange men.

So I lost my 16 bucks, and I am no closer to finding a job. The good thing is that I use other websites for no money to look for work and I am close to landing a real job soon.

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