Carl Farey Dee Farey Tina Hannington

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Kissimmee
Address 4136 Big Valley Blvd

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  • Sep 4, 2014

Carl farey

The strange thing about this man is no one talks about the time he spent in England on remand for underage sex with a ten year old boy

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  • Sep 8, 2014

Dont believe this

I know Carl and do not agree with what he has done to people.

But I do not believe that he is Guilty of Child sex acts.

He is a Rip off merchant but not a Child Molester.

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  • Aug 16, 2014

Carl Farey Dee Farey Tina Hannington All as bad as each other Kissimmee Florida

Take my word for it I know all 3 of these and none of them comes out of this squeaky clean.


He is known to immigration as a fraudster and they are working on the case. They WILL catch up with him and he WILL be either going to jail or deported or both. Immigration have so much evidence to go through that it will take time. Anybody remember the Derek Coles case? He ripped off people for millions. His fraud was way bigger than Fareys but it took immigration 4 years to finally put him behind bars. So don't be fooled that the longer they are taking the more chance there is of it dying a death because it won't. Immigration are making sure they have it all together. You'd be amazed how many people are helping them with their inquiries. And it all takes time.

Farey is feeling a false sense of security right now due to his mates rallying round him, but for every one mate who thinks they have his back there are many who are singing like canaries about the fraud he has been commmitting for years.

As for the divorce, yes he was definitely having an affair with Tina Hannington behind Dee's back. Tina Hannington was not his first secret woman though. There were others but I won't name them as they are not part of all this mess. Carl was the guilty party in the marriage breakup and yet he harrassed Dee from the day he left instead of manning up and admitting he was the one in the wrong. And now he has evicted her and their grandson from their home and moved back in with his latest trollop. In the meantime his grandson is being passed around like Oliver Twist while Farey the fraudster and Tina the trollop are getting cozy in that big house.


She knew exactly how Carl earned his money AND helped him get clients. It suited her just fine that he was ripping people off. She enjoyed spending the money. Carl has already said her spending was a big problem in the marriage. She was spending YOUR money people! The people who paid thousands in cash for his visa services.

Dee says she has been very ill for months through all this. Lets see, if your so ill you don't go out to male strip clubs and have strip shows in your home do you. And the proof is all there on her facebook. Have a look how many male strippers she has on her friends list. And did y'all know she had one of them living with her? He's only 24 years old. She is 60 years old and she was sleeping with him. eeeww! His name is Jesse Theiss.


She is 'the other woman' She doesn't come out of this very innocent. She knew he was married but went after him anyway. She left her children back in UK and the youngest is only about 5 years old. She came to Florida so called for a holiday and never went back because she got married to Carl. She is now an illegal by overstaying her holiday visa and immigration know all about that as well. They have not swooped on her yet, that will come when they move in on her husband. So her days here are numbered as well. Immigration also know about the phony business Carl has created for her with her mate Sara Riley to use for a business visa. So thats another person who is setting herself up for a fall, Sara Riley. If you are reading this Mrs Riley you should do yourself a favour and look out for yourself and your own family instead of keep defending Farey because when it comes down to the wire, Carl Farey will throw you under the bus to save his own skin.

Theres only one truly innocent victim in all this and thats the boy who Carl and Dee Farey raised as their own. He is the one left to fend for himself now that Dee has pissed off back to the UK.

So there you have it. Leave them to it folks. They will all get what they deserve. You'll see.

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  • May 24, 2016

carl pedophile see for yourself

have someone do a police background check on this guy then make comment that he is a great guy !!!

  • Sep 30, 2014

Thats a low ball

To say that he is a child molester is wrong, dont be such a nasty person, whoever you are, you dont have the balls to say who you are but willing to put other peoples names on here, one thing he is not is a child molester and never has been.

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