Carlyle & Co., Inc.

Country United States
State Chile
City Mount Sinai
Address 5507-10 Nesconset Highway #224
Phone 6319288364

Carlyle & Co., Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2014

I was booked to work as Brand Ambassador for Carlyle & Co on the Ocean City Dew Tour. Lynn Adams was the team lead who had the contact information for all girls on the team. 2 weeks after my booking and 4 days before the event Lynn Adams began texting and calling another girl on the team in order to get in touch with me. Lynn Adams had my contact information at this time. I am not sure why the lack of professionalism here. I was at work at the time and told Lynn Adams I would contact her later. She asked my shirt size through text message. I told her I was a small (I wonder why she needed my shirt size when I had already purchased a light colored polo as per Linda Carlyle's directions)

That evening I receive a text message from Lynn Adams that my services are no longer needed and to contact her with any questions. I receive a similar e-mail from Lynda Carlyle from Carlyle & Co. I call Lynn Adams back 15 minutes after her text. She does not answer and she does not return my voicemail that I leave the following day. I e-mail Linda Carlyle who does not answer. Linda Carlyle also does not return my voicemail or pick up once in the 3 times during office hours I try to call her.

To top it off Lynn Adams posts on a Facebook group dedicated to professional Brand Ambassadors that she is looking for a Brand Ambassador for the position I am contracted for. It does happen that agencies lose their client unexpectedly, or that severe weather has occured and a promotion has been cancelled. In those instances the agency makes sure to speak to you, they apologize, and in my experience always offer a cancellation fee to thank you for being available to them instead of taking work with another agency. This is how a professional talent agency works. Carlye & Co did not respond to any communication. Their event was not cancelled rather they decided to do a last minute re-staffing. Linda Carlye has no respect for other peoples time, commitment or livelihoods. She does not honor contracts that she herself has written!

This was not the first abuse of contract she has commited. She booked me as a backup for a June 23rd event at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. I asked her: Is it an on site backup or an on call backup? Let me know either way. She responds with I am sorry I just realized the client doesn't cover backups for this event. The response was timely so I assumed it was an honest mistake and did not hold it against her. Event thoug I gave up other work opportunities. However, in light of recent events I know better. Linda Carlyle held my availability for 2 weeks on the Dew Tour. I had other work offers that paid a lot more which I denied because I was contracted with Carlyle & Co. Instead of honoring her own contract and my commitment she cancelled and refused to comment 4 days before the event.

I had a pet sitter since the event was out of town. I gave up a work oppertunity that paid much more. I bought the uniform for this event!

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