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  • Apr 21, 2015

Flaws noticed in headlights sold as OE

After installation of the first headlight, the turn signal indicator in the car would go on and off at a fast speed, so I checked to see if the turn signal was working properly on the headlight itself. It was not. I thought maybe the new turn signal socket provided may have been defective, so I swapped it with the old socket. This solved the problem.

The other headlight assembly also had the same problem. Again, using my old turn signal socket, the problem was solved. Although, it may be possible that they are both defective due to some sort of manufacturing glitch, it could also be a problem of incompatibility for certain models.

Another disappointment is that although the part is listed as OE, evidently the quality is not equivalent to original equipment. The reason I question the quality is that the chrome type finish inside the light at the top edge of the lens is not smooth, whereas the original headlight is smoothly finished at the top edges. This is on both headlights, but one is a little worse than the other. It's not real noticeable, but the one that is more pronounced than the other is a more of a concern. I'm now wondering it the top edge of the rough finish is going to star to peel. Although I'm going to keep them, I notified of my concerns.

  • May 8, 2014

I wanted a simple part (a coolant reservoir). I gave my make & model information to to see if the searched-for part would fit;'s website gave their ""green checkmark"" saying that it would. I ordered. It didn't.

Okay, mistakes happen, so time for a return, right? After a while on the phone, they sent me ""return authorization"" email -- but despite my explanations and protests to the contrary (that THEY CAUSED THIS PROBLEM) they still expect me to pay return shipping, using an excessivly elaborate process, plus a restocking fee.

I thought I had it straigtened out with the first guy, so I called again -- this time, to be rerouted to India for a garbled conversation with a person who claimed no authority to resolve the problem AND refused to forward me to management. Stonewalled.

Look, it's not a ton of money, but that goes both ways -- it's not a ton of money for you either,, to operate with clarity and integrity and fix the problems you made for your own (ex-) customers.

  • Apr 29, 2014

I searched an oline auction site for a headlight retainer clip for my truck. I found several, however, had the least expensive shipping price for a 5 dollar 1 inch x 4 inch pice of plastic. In total, I paid $11.55.

I went through the shopping cart process, selected PayPal as my method of payment and hit continue. I checked that all information relating to the part was correct (because as like many others, I have also been sent oncorrect parts) then hit ""confirm and pay"".

That is when I noticed the problem. Somehow, there was my old address that I moved FROM a year ago. I mmediately logged in to PayPal to verify that I had changed my address to my present location - yep, I sure did - there is my current address.

I then called by phone and explained the issue, figuring it would be a simple fix, since I had just placed the order not more than 5 minutes ago. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

I was told by the lady on the phone that since I paid via PayPal, it was not possible to chenge the shipping address. I then asked to cancel the order, I was told that she would put the cancel order in but it is not a ""gauranteed thing"" the order will be canceled. She then told me I need to change my address with PayPal. Huh?

I had just told her that I had verified my address with PayPal and the information there was correct, and how my OLD address showed up, I have no clue. This is where the phrase ""to err is human, to really F*** things up takes a computer!"" originates.

I told her AGAIN, that I had verified the information was correct with PayPal BEFORE I called because I knew this conversation would come up as it has happened to me before, but was easily fixed by a simple phone call, explanation and the customer service rep making the address change.

Not in's case.

Apparently they use a computer system that is beyond dinosaur age since any simple request is inherently impossible. Anyway, after arguing about how this whole screw up is un-acceptable, I was told the order would be canceled. Finally - results! or so I thought.

Less than 24 hours later I get an email stating the part has shipped. WHAT?!?!?!?! I immediately called to find out what went wrong. This is where it gets real interesting - I get connected to the SAME lady (although she denied being the rep I spoke with the night before, it is really hard to deny the accent and tone and manner in the voice)!

We argue over this whole thing all over again and at one point I was then told to go back to my old address and get the part when it is delivered! Are you flipping kidding me!?!?!? While the old place is about a 40 minute drive away, I wonder what she would have suggested if I had move several states away?

After this call, I was totally fed up and launched a resolution request with PayPal. We will see where that goes. The bottom line here with is this:

YOU are NOT a customer, rather a victim

YOU have no recourse with any issue you may have as their ""customer service reps"" have no authority to do anything to resolve a problem

YOU will NOT get a refund at all - under ANY circumstances

Their warehouse dictates what gets sent and canceled - NOT the customer srvice reps

So, buyer beware!

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