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  • Mar 21, 2015 take advantage of people that are not tech or internet savy and then dance around the law to avoid releasing domain and cyber squat on your corporate name. Let me tell you how has hurt my business and mislead and re-directed customers looking for a used car or truck.

Prior to my arrival at CarOne LLC, my predecessor was looking to increase sales at our used car lot in South Texas. He was an older man and very limited in his understanding of how domain works. He contacted and signed up with them to advertise our used car inventory. We got a few leads but not enough real business to justify the monthly expence. After my arival a decission was made to try to boost our internet presence. When I began to look in to the matter I discovered that we did not own our domaim which is the same as our corporate name. I called customer service to see about purchasing the name I was directed to sales manager Brady Lynch. Brady told me that he could not release, sell or transfer my domain to anyone. When I advised him that the domain was our registered corporate name in Texas he said that it didn't matter. He told me that once a quater a review would take palce and that I needed to send in a letter or email requesting that our domain be released. I did this and asked Brady when the quarterly meeting would take place. He said he had no idea.

I first contacted in November 2014. To date they have refused to release our domain or tell us when it would come up for review. If you talk to the people in customer service you get the run around. They are trained to talk in circles and say that there is nothing that can be done.

Why would use my branded / LLC domain name that I have on Dealership License and legal business trademark unless they were going to use my domain for Cybersquatting purposes or to gain traction in my City by Squatting on my company's name and trying to get those few little customers to go to their website? (Man these are such vindictive people!).

I was forced to create a new domain and website in order to try and build an internet presence. All the while, a company that was suposed to be helping me grow my business was directly competing with me for my customers. I had no intentions of cancelling my account with them. All I wanted was control of our domain. They have refused to even sell me the domain. I went to Godaddy and purchased a similar name for $12.00 We have gone around and around with

I am certain of very few things in life but there is one thing I am certain of, are a predetory company. They prey on the uninformed small businessman and laugh in your face. Word to the wise, these are not nice people. Stay away from them. There are way to many other companies that have a legitimate interest in helping people grow their business.

  • Feb 26, 2015

Web site has large amound of fraudulent advertising

Somebody advertises my car for sale at half of it's value with copyed pictures of one of my eBay ads.

I contacted the website to remove the fraudulent listing by phone and email !!!!!

They do not seem to care.

Someone will send a deposit und loose all the money.

Stay away from this site - if it is to good to be true - it is not true !!!!!!

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