Cashland Financial Services Inc.

Country United States
State Colombia
City Pomeroy
Address 397 w main street
Phone 7409929000

Cashland Financial Services Inc. Reviews

  • May 6, 2014

My husband an I have been pawning things for over a yr now n never have had a problem till now! My husband just rode a bycical 20 mins each way to pay to get all of our things out of pawn and when he got there tHey told him we had done lost everything! We haven't received any notice but one in the mail for one ring when we had four altogether and a bunch other things. He had to pay retail price to get one of the items they had put out to b sold. My husband a few weeks ago went to pay on our wedding rings so we wouldn't loose them n the woman he talked to didn't tell him Which of the four rings the payment was due on so he thought he had made the ppayment for our wedding rings. Which she didn't put that payment for those rings she had put it on the one individual ring! Today he talked to a male n that guy told him he would sale all of our things back for retail price n that's when my husband seen the level we had pawned n bought it back. When my husband got home I called back to Cashland n asked to talk to the manager so he put her on the phone and of worse she couldn't talk to me she had to talk to my husband so he got on the phone with her n she told him that we did receive notices in the mail n that he did come in and made a payment n that our wedding rings was sent off but there coming back to her n she would sale em back to us for retail price so than he said he feels that we shouldn't have to pay retail price Bc it wasn't our fault we didn't receive any notices about our payments an he then asked for the manager over her and she refused to give him the name an number for her manager and said that her manager wouldn't appreciate him calling her so that's when I got on the internet and found this! So we wanted to do something as bout this Bc we didn't receive any notices but one for something else n he went to get everything out n they said we already lost it an we don't feel we should have to pay retail on all of our things when it wasn't our fault! And the manager at the place wouldnt give us the person over hers phone number so we could work something out bc if we would have gotten the notices we would have been there to make the payment or to get the stuff out! And my father n law has somethinfs goinf on with the same company n he hasnt recieved any notices either from them! We dont want our things being sold n feel we shouldnt have to pay retail price for our stuff! So we hope this helps so we dont have to get an attorney involved! We senserially appreciate any help u could give us!

Thank you!!!

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