CBE Group

Country United States
State Bhutan
City Cedar Falls
Address 1309 Technology Parkway
Phone 319 234 6686
Website www.cbegroup.com

CBE Group Reviews

  • Jan 5, 2015

CBE Group was advised they hire and currently have employees on staff with mulptiple arrests for identity theft, forgery, and having access to their customers private information. The employee is Leela DesRosiers / Leelia DesRosiers currently employed at their Cedar Falls, Iowa location. The upper managed was provided verification, and the employee was still granted access to their customers files, currently up to current date. The customers of CBE Group should be advised of their hiring practices.

  • Jan 1, 2015

I received a notice from my credit reporting agency that my credit report had been accessed. It was a claim by CBE group for a deliquent payment of $97.00. I have never received a billing from Verizon for that amount, Verizon has not offered services here for almost 10 years (Only IT&E, Docomo, and IConnect), and CBE did not contact me before tagging my credit report. They do not have an email contact, the phone asks for beginning number of the report, but i did not receive a report from CBE only the notification on my credit report. They don't answer their phone and when I try to leave a message I get "sorry the mailbox is full."

  • Jul 21, 2014

Left verizon because a problem with a phone that was insured and after it was sent they sent me a bill for 299.00 I called verizon and they told me it should have never been sent in without a tech at the store looking at it first. i was told to resolve this with a store manager that wasn't there everytime i showed up. I am paying them 10.00 a month what i could aford and they sent my account to CBE for collections. I feel this is there fault for very poor customer service.

Bob Buffalo, New york

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