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Country United States
State Washington
City Redmond
Address 17325 n.e. 85th place i118
Phone (425) 999-7409
Website http://ceeceeboutique.com/

Cee Cee Boutique Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2015

We ordered two prom dresses from this website on March 20, 2015. The funds were immediately drafted from account. We never received am email with a tracking number I tried multiple times contacting the company via email, phone, text messages and the last result were their Instagram page. After I called them out on the page, she deleted my comments and blocked me. I screen shot the entire conversation between us and I threaten to go to the police and file a report. Still no dresses as of April 22 and prom was last Sat. They also deleted the website known as cee cee boutique and renamed it SusanC boutique .

  • Apr 23, 2015

My daughter ordered a prom dress on Apr 9th and no d**n dress yet. This ***** Chelsey aka ******* is playin games wrong one. I will get my money back enough said!!!! Please read lame *** correspondence she sent back to explain why she is a crook...the first email is what I sent and the second and what she said: I also gave her my phone number to call me and she did not, so she is fraud!!!

Good afternoon All,

I am writing out of concern for the dress that my daughter ordered on Apr 9. If it is your policy of first come first served you should state that second of all it is for prom and you know that proms have dates of significance, so when girls order from you any clauses should be view able to the customer. Your statement about fraud claim should not be of concern if you are legit with that being said you are at fault for any shortcomings the customer experiences. I read a review on you and it is not good stating simply what my child has experienced. If no dress no money honey and I can guarantee that NO MATTER HOW MANY DAYS IT TAKE TO GET MY MONEY BACK. I will also show the bank the review an blog that way they are aware of your company going forward. I am not paying an extra 15.00 for you to send my child nothing by Saturday. You are wrong for your actions and at the end of the day no one wins whether I get my money back or not because my child entrusted in your business.

Have a great Day!!!

May I ask your daughters name to look up order.

Our policy is stated on page. (Under store policy)

We are aware of prom and the season. And prom will wait for no one but Policy is stated to ensure customers know how to handle there order we are aware some prices may be too high for everybody to afford shipping cost but with prom orders our customers have ordered dresses months in advance to ensure delivery with standard shipping. At this point standard shipping is a mixture of prom/wedding/summer/and graduation orders.

All express orders ship out in 1-2 days for our late minute late comers for the people who waited until the last minute to order a dress. We tell customers to do express because if the dress needs to be altered or changed in anyway. Before there special day The fraud policy is because during this season we have encounted teens and adults using stolen or other people's including parents cards without there knowledge or permission.

We are not just going to believe just because you place a order with a card not matching your name or billing address that person is legit. Including prom we have encounted girls ordering dresses parents do not want them to have or wear but have sneaked and ordered it anyway. The parents find out cancel the card or order and now there is no way for us to get our list of money or item back.

We and the rest of our customer trust and believe in the policy of it doesn't fit your lifestyle we understand


  • Apr 23, 2015

They are fraud. Horrible Customer service . Shipping is poo. And did I mention I ordered an item and after a month still nothing so I emailed and emailed . Then I got on IG and they told me to email . I finally received a response and then after that I was ignored. I continuously asked for a tracking number that I was suppose to receive but never received it. Never received my order either so my bank handled if. Do not order from this company.

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