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  • Dec 27, 2014

Please be warned, Kerin Fleharty McGibben works for a company www.celebritytalent.net

Which has a Police fraud case against them, been bankrupt twice and the ceo Glenn richardson is a con artist and compulsive liar.

ASll the staff were told about how he operates scams, and were offered all the evidence to review it which they ignored.

kerin will attempt to make bookings with you and ask you to send 10's of thousands of dollars stating it will go in Escrow.

Glenn will also confirm this, and will tell you he is a reputable agency and all dealings are transparent.

He scammed 35 thousand dollars claiming a celebrity was interested and confirmed, and that the money was in Escrow.

Which was all false.

After investigating him, please google Beware- ( followed by thier url)

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