Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Drums
Address PO Box 459
Phone 5707088780
Website www.cellphoneshop.net

Cellphoneshop.net Reviews

  • May 15, 2014

I placed an order with this company online. Ordered batteries and charger for a cell phone. The shipping did not allow anything other that regular mail which promised delivery in 7-10 days. I figured since the batteries were lithium (as all cell phone batteries are today) they could not be sent by air. I waited 12 days and no batteries. I called and was told I would have to wait at least another week. Sometimes the items shipped from Hong Kong were delayed. I told them I wanted a refund instead. I would buy the items elsewhere. They refused. They said that they could not issue refunds. I asked for a supervisor. The operator told me that there was no supervisor and refused to transfer the call. I asked for an address to send a demand letter. He again refused and said they are in India and could not give an address. After a few more questions the operator hung up.

I called back and git the same guy who promptly hung up on me again. I called 3 more times and got thru the 3rd time to a different operator. She did transfer me to a supervisor who told me the same thing. He could not provide ana address. He could not authorize a refund. My only recourse was to sedn an email to a generic ""support"" address. That he was sorry but there was nothing to be done. If my product did not get delivered after another week they would send a complaint to their shipping company but still would not authorize any refund.

This is the problem with Internet sales companies. Do yourself a favor and call them BEFORE you buy. If you cannot get a native english speaking person, a physical mailing address in the US, and some type of customer resolution program stay away.

This company is nothing more than a guy in his basement. You have no guarantee of anything especially the personal information you are providing being kept safe. They have a call center out of India do their call ins and offer absolutely no support whatsoever. STAY AWAY or lose your money!!!!!!!

  • May 10, 2014

Cellphoneshop.net leads you to believe their shipping is free because when you put in your credit card info it shows nothing for shipping.Then once you accept, the shipping amount shows up on the next page, too late to cance! I emailed them to try and cancel, but got no response till they send an email, your order has shipped!

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