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Center For Legal Help Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2015

My complaint about the Center for Legal Help started when I first started a membership with them last year in October. When they told me I had to continue with a membership in order to keep my attorney's help with my case, it seemed strange to me, but being in the desperate need for legal help, I accepted their "help". I paid two fees up front, $250.00 to CLH and $500.00 to US Family Advocates, specifically the attorney Steve Moonly. Mr. Moonly stated that he would follow through with filing the paperwork to help with me with my case in regards to custody, modification of visitation and other topics involving my two children.

After the "hiring" and initial conversation with Mr. Moonly about my case, I was told he would begin working on my paperwork immediately after I sent an email reply with the information they had requested for my case to begin being worked on.

I had not received many phone calls or emails from Mr. Moonly after that other than a couple times in November when a family related issue had happened. I had not had any contact with him in months after that and so I attempted to call him in February, and I was unsuccessful, so I had contacted Steve at the CLH.

I left a message on Steve's voicemail to have him contact me as soon as possible as I have not heard from Mr. Moonly and I was becoming concerned. I was later called back and told by Steve that Mr. Moonly would be calling me. He did call, which then he let me know that my paperwork was being handled by his step son, who had recently passed away. He asked me to look through my email for confirmation of this, which I never received any. So I once again been trying to call both Mr. Moonly as well as Steve at CLH to speak with them about discontinuing my membership as well as no longer wanting Mr. Moonly's services.

I proceeded to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also posted a negative public review on Google+. That is obviously what caught their attention, and that is when I finally began to receive phone calls from Steve at CLH. He asked me why I made these complaints and if I wanted their services to continue, I had to remove the complaints that I made. He told me that he would take care of everything. That is when Steve Moonley was brought into the phone conversation and he tried to make it sound like he had done a lot of things for me, such as telling me he told me what to say in court or to the mediator and various other arguments that he claims to have helped with. So, feeling heavily pressured by Mr. Moonley, I said that I still did need help with my current legal situation and he said he would help, "as soon as the negative review is removed and the BBB are contacted to retract the complaint." And because I am easily manipulated and in a vulnerable state, I did both things he told me to do.

Unfortunately since removing my complaints, I have not received any help from Mr. Moonly. I no longer want his "assistance" and I just would like the money back that I put into this huge waste of time and waste of my money. I am hoping for a full refund as nothing has legally been done since I initially paid for Mr. Moonly's services in October. I would like the initial fee of $750.00 and each month of the membership that I paid for for CLH's membership which is a fee of $39.95 monthly.

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