Century Security Inc

Country United States
State Ecuador
City Seattle
Address 3706 Airport Way S
Phone 206-340-6000
Website www.centurysecurityinc.com

Century Security Inc Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2014

This company is run by an immature, unreliable, and undependable liar named Ray A. Armani and his second in command is named Jeremy who is a very good b****s******.

Don't ever trust either of these two. They constantly lie and will try to turn it around on you. The company doesn't allow for the 10min breaks allowed by Washington law. they also don't back you up and only stab you in the back. they never pay on time and will find all kinds of excuses not to pay you. At first you'll be required to work very far away, and the pay is not enough to pay for your gas. They won't reimburse you for the gas usage either. IF you text Ray, mostly he will ignore them and won't answer, but if something is wrong and you've text him about it, he'll try to put the blame on you. Ray also ignores phone calls and voicemails.

Stay away, tell everyone you know NOT to apply to this company!!!!

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