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Centurylink Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2015

On or about 30 January 2015 I received a bill from Century Link addressed to my mother Beverly D. Wicke. My father Paul A. Wicke had assumed the account when she passed away. My father unexpectedly passed away in December 2014. Once I received the bill in the mail I proceeded to call Century Link to notify them of his death. I was also calling to set up my own account with the hopes of keeping the same phone number that my parents had.

I spent almost 5 hours between the 30th and 31st on the phone with a nice lady named Lashell who helped with the process. At first she had things set up so that my parent's account would be closed on February 6th and a new account would be opened for me the same day and get the phone number. Apparently the computer there wouldn't let her do that. So then Lashell and her supervisor set me up with a transfer of responsibility of the account stating that the past due amount would not carry over to me at all. In fact I was promised a $50 credit for the month of February as compensation for the amount of time it took on the telephone. I also requested that my account be set up without Direct TV or voice mail. I believe the phone calls were recorded.

Then today 9 February 2015 I get a past due notice with threat of disconnection addressed to me from Century link including my parent's past due amount ($522.22). Knowing that there has been a mistake made on the part of CenturyLink I call into billing and request to speak to a supervisor. This took 20 minutes just to get a supervisor on the phone.

I began a very rude and condescending conversation with a man named Chuck. He was extremely disrespectful. He told me I had two options, pay the amount due, or close the account and pay the amount due. He told me that I transferred the account to my name and thus it's now my problem. He also attempted to explain the scenario in context of me taking up payments on my parent's house for some reason. I explained the conversation stated above to him at least twice and he completely disregarded it. He had the audacity to advise me to pay the bill with my father's estate.

Then when I stated to him that a legally binding contract had been made when over the phone with Lashell, he attempted to disconnect the phone call with me. In fact he attempted to end the phone call several times any time I used the word legal. He accused me of threatening him when I stated that if the matter wasn't resolved in my favor (that of which was very clearly explained both to him and to myself while on the phone with Lashell) that my next phone call would need to be with an attorney. I did not threaten him, I only stated the matter of course that I would feel compelled to accomplish if I was mistreated as a customer during the phone call.

I am a disabled Combat Veteran and no one has ever regarded me with so much condescension and disrespect. I also asked him for contact information for Quality Assurance. Making reference to the recorded agreement that I had been made one the 31st of January 2015 with Lashell. I was inquiring to some type of investigation into the verbal contract that I had made on 31 January 2015 and thus resolve this issue. I agreed to have my deceased parent's past due amount zeroed out and that I would take over the account effective 31 January 2015 with a zero balance with a $50 credit. Lashell went over what my bill would be for the next couple of months. I was to be given a military discount as well which was another transfer that was made on 31 January 2015.

I expect CenturyLink to fulfill their part of the agreement as was stated in the phone call between myself and Lashell which I have reiterated twice in this message. I would also appreciate a written apology.

  • Jan 28, 2015

Worst Customer Service

Expensive Service advertised $89 ended up paying $172 a month

I cancelled the service and I'm still waiting for the boxes to return equipment.

  • Jan 26, 2015

In October I decided to give CenturyLink a try again, I was with Comcast for 3 years but I have been a long standing customer of theirs in the past. I was interested in internet only for the 40 mb speed for 29.95. I tried to sign up online and it did not go through so I tried again a day later and decided at that point to also give Direct Tv a try as a bundle. I waited several weeks and did not hear anything and was told that the order had been cancelled for reasons unknown. At that point I called and fought my way to a customer service agent over several hours and against my better judgement I placed an order for internet only.

I was told after a while on this call that I would have to sign a contract for that rate which that was not spelled out on the website so I said no. She said she could offer me that speed for 34.95 with no contract and I said that would be ok but I was not happy about that. After trying to upsell me on many other services I did not want I was told I would get my modem in the mail in a few days. I asked her what the estimated total with taxes are and she said about 40.00 per month. I set up the services and found out that there was a problem that would not allow the modem to connect to their servers so I had to wait almost another week to get the service install correctly. I was told that the wiring in the aptment was bad and I needed to pay for a outlet rewire for one outlet that the modem was connected to. I was then told I could set up an extra service for 9.95 a month to pay for that rewire. I was also told that I could cancel that at any time.

My first bill was about 30.00 so I did not see that there was an issue, at this point I was on electronic billing so all I got was a total to pay. I did not get a break down of charges because to this day I still can't log into the billing system to see the itemized charges. My second bill last month was 53.00 so I decided to try and call them and I could not get through for several days as I was on hold for long periods of time or transferred to a lot of departments. Finally I was sent to tech support who told me I had to call billing next week when they were open because they close early on Fridays. A week went by and I finnally had time today to call and spend several hours on the phone and I saw in my email inbox another bill for 60.00. So my bill when up twice in two months and I was getting frustrated.

I was sent to a billing agent who said I signed up for 39.99 internet and I sent up a one year agreement. I disputed this so I was told that it was the way it was and their was nothing I could and if I was going to cancel there would be a termination fee. I asked him what that was and he said it would be about 160.00. I called back to try to figure out why my bill changed and to get some proof I agreed to a contract and this price and the second man I spoke to said he did not have to provide any proof and the bill for early termination was going to be 400.00. I demanded to speak to a department that could give me proof of this contract and he argued with me for 10 minutes stating they never waive fees. Finally I was sent to a lady in Loyalty.

The Loyaty Department is a joke as she just restated that I agreed to that higer price and agreed to a contract. I again requested proof of a signed letter or the record call of the agent and of the contract agreement and she said there was no way. I had to just take her word for it. I stated I have a right to see some proof and she said I would need a court order to get any proof. I told her I worked at Comcast and we have a system called TPV and a customer can hear the phone call regarding the agreement anytime they have a dispute. She said again to get a court order. I demanded an address of the department I could send this request in writing and she said I could send it to her legal department but they will not provide proof without a judges order.

All I have asked for was some proof of the call with the agent and the proof I agreed to the price and contract and they refuse to provide it. They were rude to me and acted like I was asking for them to do something against the law. I do not have the money to pay for a 400.00 fee nor do I have the budget to pay for an increase each month at their whim with no real explaination. Stay away from this company as they are more interested in getting you in to contracts then nurturing a long term customer. I will never every go back to them even if they are the only choice. I would rather go to the library and use a cell phone.

  • Jan 3, 2015

I have been a customer of Century Link for 5 years,unfortunately in our area they seem to be the only game in town. In the past It used to be that whenever I left town I was able to turn off my services and upon my return simply call them to turn it on now they are charging me 25-30% of the bill to do this. Then they never seem to turn on All of my services until I make repeated telephone calls.

Two weeks ago I requested my services to be turned back on.Spoke to a gentleman named Brian,employee # 1146441 from the Loyalty Dept. he reviewed my account and because of my loyalty of 5 years he wanted to help me out and offer me some promos which also included a low cost security system.My normal bill was $229.95 per month and now with the new promos which also included 3 prime time channels(starz,showtime, Encore) my bill would be dropped to $171.99 per month and a $300 Visa gift card for getting a security system.

Next day I called Century Link because I noticed that my Primetime channels were not activated finally got through to the escalation team and spoke to their supervisor,in Wisconsin, Matt who informed me that there is no such order in place except for the new security system which would bring my bill up to $259.99.When I asked Matt to put this Brian on the phone to confirm our previous conversation he said that is not their protocol and refused to do so.When I asked him if he would honor the price quoted me by the company's representative he also refused when I asked to speak to his supervisor again he refused.

Century Link is the worst telephone company to do business with their customer service is atrocious

  • Dec 27, 2014

When I signed up for internet service I was promise that if I sign up for a one year contract I would get a twenty dollar discount so instead of being sixty dollars it would be forty dollars a month. I receive my first bill it was sixty dollars, so I call back another rep tells me i couldn't get the discount unless I get a five year contract so I got the five year contract. One year later they start to charge me sixty dollars a month. They kept charging more and more so i started to go back to look over my bills and it's been going up. I call them and they say i just have to pay for it because the previous rep told me wrong. My contract only last a year so after that they just kept charging more and more which I was not aware of. I was told I'm on a five year contract and after it ends my service will end but they just put me on another higher plan. I just want to keep my internet and pay the forty dollars a month but they won't do anything to what's been charge to my account. Do not use century link, worst customer service experience ever. They will get irated at you and get hateful, rep and company is very unprofessional. I don't think this company itself have any form of training.

  • Dec 9, 2014

We had Century Link basic phone for many years..no problem...thn we added the internet...promised a great package deal,no contract etc.... we could put the service on vacation with no charge, the price monthly was $59and change etc. We put the service on vacation and got a bill for nearly $100...then we returned to our residence...I spent two hours on the phone trying to get the internet re-instated...two hours..it is documented...meanwhile every month the bill was incorrect...every single month and it was always in Century Links favor...surprise surprise....then I called to cancel the internet and reinstate just the basic phone service.so Century Link not only did not cut the internet but charged us a full month afterward...meanwhile they did disconnect the phone completely...no long distance and no local service at all...I was told it would take at least a week to get the service to the phone restored...not an option in area where cell service is not available and you have a 95 year old mother living far away who calls you every day...the worst part was when I tried to get the phone working again I was sent to the department where they t.... we were charged an extra 19.95...which was added to our already incorrect bill. You call to get things corrected and they try to wear you down by keeping you on the line forever...and they NEVER give you back your full refund....people...who don't hav the time to review the bill every month are probably getting ripped off...especially if you go the autopay route. This company is crooked as a dog's hind leg...they should be brought in front of the FCC.

  • Dec 1, 2014

My husband and I switched our cable and internet to Direct TV and CenturyLink in August of this year. Direct TV offered a bundle with CenturyLink which seemed reasonable so, we went ahead and ordered our cable and internet with both companies. At that time, there was no explanation as to how the statements would be set up or sent out. We just assumed that, each company would have it's own billing cycle and bills sent to our home each month - until we received our very first bill. The statements were together in one bill however, the bills come from CenturyLink and not Direct TV. We find this to be very strange since Direct TV is the company we signed up with for originally. Basically, we are questiionning why Direct TV doesn't send out the billing statments, instead of CenturyLink. This seems really strange.

A few months passed and everything seemed fine with our services and our billing statments until today. We received our regular monthly bill from CenturyLink for our bundled services and there were charges added to our bill that were not supposed to be on the bill. Let me explain:

On October 4th, 2014, we had called Direct TV to drop all of our premium TV channels. We didn't want to pay a $40 fee each month for those channels. We were told we had to keep those channels until November 7th, which would be the end of the FREE 3 month period for those channels. Then on November 7th, those channels would be dropped from our account before the next billing cycle was to begin.

We were told that this would make "things easier" for the billing department at Direct TV and cause "less confusion." Statements from CenturyLink/Direct TV are dated and sent out on the 10th of each month. We had been assured by Direct TV that the premium stations would in fact be deleted from our account and not charged on the next months billing cycle. Direct TV was supposed to notify CenturyLink of the change so that, their billing department would include the $40 charge on the next months billing cycle.

When we opened up our billing statment from CenturyLink today, not only did we received a "late charge fee" of $54.04 (that is $40.00 for premium stations that were supposed to be cancelled along with a charge of $14.04 for taxes and misc. service charges), we also received an additional charge from Direct TV for another $40 for those same premium stations. So $80.00 was added to our monthly bill from CenturyLink and shouldn't have been.

I called both Direct TV and CenturyLink today to find out why we were being charged $80.00. When I called Direct TV first, they told me that no one had "posted" the information that had been sitting in the computer cancelling our premium stations and because of this, it DID get charged to CenturyLink's billing statement. I was told by Direct TV that they DID send CenturyLink information related to our account cancelling those premiium stations. Direct TV then asked me to call CenturyLink to verify that $80.00 had been credited to our account.

Unfortunately, when I called CenturyLink they denied receiving any credit from Direct TV either this month or last month and told me that I was a liar. CenturyLink made it very clear that unless Direct TV calls them or sends them information related to any account, they will not post or include that information. I was advised several times that CenturyLink had NEVER once received any of my account information from Direct TV.

CenturyLink also explained to me that, it didn't matter that Direct TV was giving me any credits on my account (for whatever reason). It was CenturyLink's policy to charge back those credits to their company account. When I asked why they were dong this I was told that, CenturyLink "paid my bill in full each month" prior to Direct TV posting any of their information on that billing statment each month. CenturyLink explained that I owed them the FULL amount on my billing statement, no matter whether or not I had a credit from Direct TV.

When I told CenturyLink that was illegal and outrageous to do this to a consumer, they wouldn't speak to me or assist me in any way and hung up the phone on me. I called CenturyLink and Direct TV back at least 3 more times to try and get some assistance. I was told the same thing repeatedly that I owed CenturyLink the money and my credit was never sent to them nor would it matter if it was sent to them. I was told repeatedly that I was horrid and didn't listen to anything that was being said to me. The bottom line was that, CenturyLink doesn't give credits to anyone, including consumers who bundle with Direct TV, because they pay your account in full first the, send out the billing for Direct TV. This didn't make any sense to me either. How is it possible that they pay my bill first? I pay my own bills for both companies. Why would they say such a thing to a consumer? It would cost them millions of dollars if they paid each consumers bill first.

So I called the headquarters of CenturyLink and was blown off by them as well. I was told to call the phone number on my billing statement and that would be the ONLY help I would receive regarding my account. I had no choice after going around and around in circles all day with this, but to get rid of my bundled accounts and separate them in the hopes of straightening out this issue.

Unfortunately, I was threatened by CenturyLink and told that I MUST pay the incorrect bill in full or suffer the consequences of being sent to collection. The total of that bill was for $234.14 - which is $80.00 over what I should pay. Regular billing from Direct TV is $73.00 for my TV package plus all of the additional charges that are put in there for state and local taxes etc. Those taxes and extras come to $46.99 which is unbelievable. So the total for the Direct TV is $119.99 each month. This is a middle of the road package (not a full premium package).

CenturyLink offered a discount if we bundled with Direct TV. CenturyLink's internet services for us were $61.94 less $32.00 for the bundle discount. This brings the total to $29.29 each month with taxes etc. added into that. The total is $34.34 each month. They also add in $8.40 for Broadband connection on the internet. This brings it to a total of $42.74 for internet only from CenturyLink.

So the grand total each month for both services should be $42.74 for internet and $119.99 for TV services. When you add those together it should be $162.73 since they are bundled. This amount from Direct TV seems to fluctuate each month and that is very confusing, especially since you signed up for one set amount.

Because I couldn't get anywhere with either company (both seemed to be lying to me), I unbundled both accounts to receive separate bills each month. This way, there could be no dispute about credits etc.

Something needs to be done about CenturyLink's policies. They are illegal and uncalled for. Charging a consumer for a credit received from another company and then threatening them is unbelievable. CenturyLink should really be put out of business due to the amount of illegal money they are making off of consumers. Thank You.

  • Aug 6, 2014

I was having some financial problems, and figured I would ditch Century Link internet. Their service was continually 5-10 MBS, when they promised 20, and it just wasn't worth the money. I contacted them to see about cancelling, or at least lowering my cost. The person seemed helpful, and said that they would lower my payments significantly, and that if we still had problems, we could cancel then. We were on a month to month payment, however he signed us up for a year contract. Technically, we agreed to the terms - because we thought it was what we had discussed - but it was not. When we called 65 days later, after having tried the new payments, we were told that we could not cancel without having to pay an early termination fee (200$) for the rest of the 10 months in our contract. We asked to talk to someone higher up, and transferred to an "Escalation" worker. It was literally one of the worst experiences I have had on the telephone. He insinuated that it doesn't matter that the worker mislead us, or even lied, that they have a contract. When I said "if I can't afford 25$ a month, how could I afford 200$?" He said that was not his problem, and that they have a contract. When I tried to continue about the promises made by the original guy, he said that I was "fabricating" things. He said I was lying, and started talking over my and would not listen at all. I put in a comlaint to the BBB, and complained about the escalation guy himself to CenturyLink, but as it stands, it looks like I will be billed for 200$ for a service that was terrible, with rude customer service because I was lied to and put into a contract I did not want.

  • Aug 5, 2014

I used Centry Link when I lived in South Vegas. When I moved in May of 2014 I notified them that I was moving and wanted a final bill. They sent me a bill for $32.00 which they said was from the month before, no problem I paid. They said they didnt offer service in my new place so I thought that was that? In July I get a bill for $179.00 ???? I called them and they came up with 20 different excuses as to why they are billing me for a service that they dont even offer in my area! This is a continued practive of "fraudulent" billing in which many business par take in! Our worthless elected officials seem to allow this to happen. Centry Link seems to be a scam company just like everyone else. I would suggest recording every converstation with everyone you do business with especially here in vegas as most ppl out here or skum bag scammers! Especailly business's who are not help accountable. Be advised that Centry Link will rip u off if you do business with them!

  • Jul 24, 2014

Point blank a $19.95 internet service suddenly turns into a $52 service solely because I don't need a home service. I ahve a cell phone so I don't need a service because I wouldn't use it. So because I don't want the home phone service suddenly they jack their price up to $52?? So CenturyLink tell me, how does the same internet connection cost $32 extra simply because I don't buy your phone service? This is a complete rip off practice, extortion practice. When is this country going to make these extortion based practices of services providers illegal. I don't need your damn bundle. I'm stuck in a contract as it is. Funny how in this country we talk about capitolism and free trade but contracts contradicts all that.

When it comes to contracts why do service companies try to punish their customers with hundreds of dollars in fees to break a contract? When is it going to be illegal to make a person sign a contract for a service. I don't see how it's legal because every single contract of a service company like internet service or phone is based on the illegal practice of extortion and regardless of any signature it's illegal. If i don't want a contract why does the service all of a sudden jack up through the roof and yet there is no additional cost involved?

I'm still trying to find an internet service provider that doesn't practice going after their customers to lynch them for not wanting their service at some point or not agreeing to be their bitch/slave forced to make the service provider money regardless of the what the customer wants.

This practice like going to sandwich shop and wanting their sandwich but if don't want their drink they'll jack up the price of the sandwich 150% as punishment for not making them more money than you're interested in giving them. The world's economic system was designed by dark, twisted people.

Here is the chat discussion I had with Centurylink where you can't get service without illegal extortion practices or contracts, which is a sin to sign a contract as a follower of Jesus because anyone who signs a contract is owned and they can use the government to torture you via the justice system, which isn't about justice at all. It's about forcing people to worship those with money and property. This country is so screwed up it's a nightmare!

Engagement Window


I'm shopping for a no contract internet service and I'm not finding anything like that on your site


ahh, thanks!

Troy Y.:

I will be happy to assist you.

Troy Y.:

What do you typically use your Internet for?


I was just wanting to know if you have a no contract deals?

Troy Y.:

We do have some deals with no contract yes,


where are they located on your site? I can't find anything other than a $29.99 deal.

Troy Y.:

I will be right with you.

Troy Y.:

Well we offer up to a 40mb connection at your address which includes a 5mb upload. This speed of Internet will be GREAT for anything you can throw at it - including online gaming, surfing the web, schooling, streaming HD movies and much more! If you bundle it in with our Home Phone Unlimited package you also get unlimited local and long distance calling with all of our calling features including voicemail. This package of Internet and phone would be $69.95/mo for 3 years with NO CONTRACT!


I'm looking for something more like 10 to 20mb connection


I don't game, mostly download videos is the most demanding thing I do

Troy Y.:

We could do a 12mb with this bundle and it would be $64.95/mo for both together. In the bundle that makes it $19.95/mo


I have a cell phone so I don't need anything but internet

Troy Y.:

Makes the internet $19.95/mo*

Troy Y.:

We could do 12mb Internet alone with no contract, and it would be $52/mo


don't you have all this listed somewhere on your site?

Troy Y.:

I believe our website only lists the price of our Internet with the promotional pricing, because most people want to save money off the monthly rate.


So why can't I get a 12mb connection for $19.95?

Troy Y.:

You can if you bundle in our Home Phone Unlimited package. It would be $19.95/mo for 3 years with no contract if you did that.


yeah, but why does your internet cost $30 difference for nothing more than not ordering some other service?

Troy Y.:

It would be the rack rate price if you didn't want a contract. We don't have any promotions for Internet alone that do not involve a contract.

Go on, people with no life, make insulting comments like you do on Craigslist for no reason, because you're insane.

  • Jul 16, 2014

I purchased the High Speed 12Mbps plan from them in early April, and by May the service was down several hours a day and the speeds were 6Mbps/Down 0.2Mbps/Up with 256 milisecond ping times. I of course could not use Netflix or even check email because the service would be up for a minute then down and continuously.

I filed two trouble tickets one in April for the issue, and one in June for the issue. The sent out techs both times. The first accused my complex of having bad wiring. They next came out and said it was an issue at the DSLAM at the road box. The second attempted to fix, but was unable to and had to call the cabling team to fix the issue of ancient wires in the DSLAM box.

Being that I am a cord cutter from cable, I depend on Netflix for TV entertainment. Enough was enough and I promptly went with another ISP and cancelled their (CenturyLink) services as soon as the other was installed. They are now trying to charge me $200 termination fee for their service.

I did not agree to a contract when I signed up, nor did I sign anything to that effect, nor did I give my verbal authorization to be in a contract.

Their service is subpar with real connection speeds to backup my claim which is not defametory in anyway! They will try to stick you with fees knowing their service will not live up to what you are paying.

  • Jul 16, 2014

I signed up for centurylink prism tv in December of 2013. My first bill was $900.00. They had on my bill unreturned equiptment charges. I called in and was assured it would be removed and they would put a no fault note on my account. I have had to call in every month now for 8 months and spend 45 min on the phone and be told the credit will be issued but it never happens. I have been hung up on multiple times by they reps and lied to over and over. One month they tell me the credit should be $723.40 then the next month they say it should be $664.68. I've had my service disconnected twice now due to there billing error for the past 8 months. I cannot get anywhere with these idiots and get my account to have these charges removed. Please HELP. I have reps name's dates times and conformation #'s to back this all up

  • Jun 30, 2014

Century Link is a band of criminals who are out to steal money from people.

I am new to the area and signed up for Century Link as I as told that was the preferred provider for the apartment I am in. I called Century Link and set up services which consists of you either purchasing your own modem/router or renting one. I chose the purchase option. When I tried to set everything up I was unable to get any kind of service so I called the customer support line. After waiting about 30 minutes I got someone whom I struggled to understand over the phone. She immediately tried to steer the conversation toward me setting everything up improperly. Well, I have worked in IT for the last 10 years and quickly shut that road down. She then put me on hold several times while she "checked things". I was told there was nothing they could do short of sending a technician out (which would take at least a week) and I would be charged $85. My response was "Wait, you sold me a service, I paid you for said service and now you want me to pay you $85 to actually be able to use it??". After speaking to several people, long story short, that was my only option.

Essentially this is extortion, and Century Link is literally stealing from the people that sign up for service with them. Knowing what I know due to my career I can tell you that what they told me needed to be done did not from a technical standpoint and they were merely shaking me down for money. To prove this, I checked with the front office of my apartments who told me someone had been using Century Link in that unit several weeks before I took possession of it, which CL told me was not possible. Also, when the DirecTV guy came to hook up that service (The two companies hire independent contractors that work on both services) I ran everything by him. He was nice enough to do a quick check of the outside line and said everything was fine and he could tell the last person used the service based on configuration. He was able to confirm that there were no service issues in my apartment which proves Century Link is knowingly ripping people off.

I cancelled my service with Century Link, not that I actually ever got service from them in the first place. Do not use this criminal enterprise who are intentionally stealing money from hard working people.

  • Apr 18, 2014

A door to door rep for Centurylink came to convince us to switch companies. We had been through the mill with our provider at the time due to them overcharging us on our bill every couple of months. I spent an hour with the Centurylink rep in my home telling me that I was locked into the price for 12 months and that under no circumstances would they change it on me.

Six months later I recieve a notice that everyones bill is going up ten dollars so that they can keep certain channels in the line-up. I called in and spent over an hour trying to explain that my bill should not be increased until my promotional period was over. By the end of the phone call, the rep said, ""good news, I talked to my supervisor and you are right, your bill should remain the same throughout the promotional period"".

This past week, I recieved notice that our bill was, in fact, going up ten dollars. I am now paying more than I was before I switched! I decided to ""chat"" with the reps online so that I could save the conversation. After two rude reps and being disconnected, I finally got through to the escalation dept. They insisted that the rep that came to my house and the rep I spoke to on the phone a couple weeks ago were, ""misinformed""!! They refuse to make changes since they never recorded the reps phone call. The door to door rep is no longer with the company and they figure he was tring to make the sale. They apologized on behalf of the reps, but will not honor what I was told.

I've never been so dissatisfied with a company, ever! Buyer beware, I would never recommend Centurylink as they are extremely deceptive.

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