Certified Payment Processing

Country United States
State Texas
City Carrollton
Address 3350 Boyington Dr
Phone 972-428-5200
Website http://www.cpp-360.com/

Certified Payment Processing Reviews

  • May 22, 2015

This company gave me training and my first day and i have never been so frustrated by any company. I have went to 3 appointments on my first day and called it quits because there was no point of wasting my remaining energy going to the last appointment. This company didn't tell me how i was to be paid but i read up on this company after my first day and was not happy about it. This company makes bogus appointments that merchants don't know about and when you get to the business the owner tells you that their not interested in what i had to offer, that was when i had the feeling that something wasn't right about this company.

  • Feb 5, 2015

terrible company

I receive hang up calls from them almost daily and when I try to speak to someone to be taken off their call list they tell me they can't unless I tell them who I use for credit card services. They have also told me "it doesn't work like that" when I have asked to speak to whoever handles their call list. I am going to make sure I tell as many people as possible not to use this company!

  • Aug 8, 2014

They suck

I worked for CPP for 2 and 1/2 days. From Wednesday to friday yea. It didn't take long but long enough to realize they r full of shit. I drove 25 to 30 mins away from my zip code and my tl saids it it to far I will make better appointments for you closer to your house. I told him they are. I went to these appointments and no owner or I talk to the owner and they say they didn't make an appointment. So I started thinking something's up with these. So my tl is saying go walk around to other businesses and get him on the phone with someone so he can sell. And I see that a lot of business owners don't want to switch or there good with what they have. U can't force no one to take your service dude is what I told my team leader and he says to me I sell to owners all day. To me I have made a sell nor talk to anyone that knows I'm coming and wasting gas and money to a hope and a chance. So I looked up the CPP on BBB and found out they have any Fat F.Wtf am I doing so I turn my car around took off my nice clothes and didn't answer the phone for the team lead any more. I sold one machine but to my own company and found out from the tech team that the machine I order I got denied. They said I had a machine b4 and didn't pay for it which I never had a credit card machine b4 so I though that was bs and they didn't tell me that until I get the machine in the mail. So I get on the phone with my team lead this is b4 I quit and said what is going on I was denied. He said yes but we sent you a free credit card machine and its yours I'm like OK that's stupid and no call to tell me that shit OK. My secretary gets on the phone and tries to hook it up and can't because you have to have a land line and I told them we have internet they say we are going to send you out a Ethernet modem OK. So then I found out from the tech support that the rate I got is not going to be that. Tells me to have my customer just run debit and no credit because its going to cost me more to run credit well that's not what I was told bs again. So I sent that shit back fuck CPP. And my team lead said I won't get paid until the get the credit card machine up and runinng. Well that bs to fuck um fuck um is what I say. Smooth talking bullshiters that have u running around cold selling and fake as appointments. Have they heard of no solicting well that is what I was told I felt like a jack ass walk into these places. They give you no training.

  • Jun 28, 2014

I responded to an employment add, and received a call from a Certified Payment Processing representative.

He began asking me questions and then asked if I had any questions. I offered I only had one," I was researching his company as we spoke and located..........uh, are you accredited via the BBB"? and he hung up on me *lol*

They are not accredited via the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a rating of F.

I'm thinking he knew that too...*lol*

Thank you Rip-Off Report for all of the great information!

  • May 5, 2014

I saw an ad on Careerbuilder for a job, working for Certified Payment Processing. Since it was on Careerbuilder, I trusted it. It wasn't some Craigslist scam job, they have to pay for an employment ad on there, unlike Craigslist. The ad said, 3-5 pre-set appointments per day, $800-1200 per week, weekly pay, $750 start up bonus. Sounded good. I have over a decade of sales experience, and figured this would be a breeze, especially with pre-set appointments.

I filled out the application and the guy who called me was actually very nice. He asked me a few questions, and after 5 minutes, I was ""hired"" for the job. I was to attend an online/phone training class tomorrow from 8-3pm. Great, I thought.

The training class was fairly well done, but it wasn't enough to send an agent out there. I learned a little, but not much. Didn't feel confident at all, but was told a ""Team Leader"" would help us close sales. Fair enough. I was turned over to my team leader. The guy sounded like a professional voice-over actor. Very slick, polished phone voice. I didn't like him right off the bat. There was something very sneaky about him. But, I didn't read too much into it. I was excited to start my new career. I was to call him at 8am the next morning to get my ""leads"" for the day.

So, I call 8AM, and I get an ""appointment"" that's about a 25 minute drive from my house. Not a big deal. I expected to drive a bit. I showed up at 9:30 like I was supposed to, and to my dismay, the business owner wasn't in. Drove 20 miles for nothing, but I understand that happens sometimes in sales. Things come up, people forget. Not a huge deal. I call my ""Team Leader"" when I get back to my car and he starts yelling at me for not putting an employee on the phone! Seriously, dude??

He said he would let this one slide, and gives me my 2nd appointment. A 25 minute drive in the complete opposite direction, for an hour and a half later. Show up to the business, again, owner not in. Ok.... kinda weird, but ok. I asked the cashier to speak to my manager, and totally bewildered, the teenage kid goes on the phone and says his manager isn't there. Totally weird thing to ask a kid employee to speak with my manager, but I was playing by the ""rules"".

My next appointment, ""Team Leader"" says, is at 1PM. Only 11 minutes away this time. I show up, and guess what? Owner isn't in. This is starting to get really fishy now. 0 for 3 with appointments. At this point, I think that either the appointment setters for CPP are terrible, or I am getting fake leads. I ask TL what the story is, and he gives me the old line about business owners forgetting, etc. Didn't buy it, but whatever, maybe bad luck. Next appointment, 23 minutes away, 3pm. Owner not there. Final appointment, 4pm, owner not there. 0 for 5 first day.

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