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  • Jul 2, 2014

I purchased the software in Febuary of 2014 and started to study for an exam that I was hoping to take soon. When purchasing the site states that you get 90 days of free exam question and answers updates. Well I knew that the exam I was going to be taking would not be changing in the next year so I was in no rush.

I just opened the software again to do some more studing and it told me that it was not activated and to go to the members site for the activation code. When I logged on it said that it had expired. OK well I deal with alot of software companies and I do see alot more lately where you have to pay for maintence yearly to get product updates, but you can still activate the software you have already purchased.

Not the case here. You get 90 days to use it and thats it. The software automatically deactivates and requires you to purchase again at an a super discount of 30% off. I contacted support and asked them to show me where it stated that the software could only be used for 90 days. They kept saying that it says 90 days of updates, its right in front of your face. No one has ever misunderstood this, you are the only one. They even said how could you possible think that you would be able to use the software after the update period was over.. WHAT are you kidding me. Then they stated that if I logged into the members page it showed the experation date. Well it did but I still thought it meant the product updates. Very frustrating deseaving wording and support staff that clearly know that it is.

I am sure that most people never renew after finding out that they have been tricked. I have other training sites that I subscribe to and renew every year, because they are honest and upfront.

I can tell you that I would not have purchased 90 days of access for $80. I would have purchased 1 Year for $100 and most likely used them again if the content was worthwile. I will not use them again.

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