Champion Energy

Country United States
State Denmark
City Houston
Address 1500 rankin road, suite 200

Champion Energy Reviews

  • May 8, 2014

I am recently going threw hardship and playing catchup with bills. I received my electric bill and second I also received a disconnection notice. The earliest turn off was the 18th and here it is the 24th. This morning my power was shut off. I called up the company and spoke to two representative and then to their supervisor. All they said that we cant turn your power on unless you pay the full amount that is due. There were no other options to give to help restore power to my house. I was told that making half the payment wasnt going to restore power. I made a 120 dollar payment. They told if I would have called before the power was cut off they would have setup a payment plan for me. I work and im extremely busy. I do forget. Still the fact that they denied me to restore power to house is completely uncalled for. I told them I will get paid friday to make the complete full payment and still not able to help me. I have a two old son that I have to send to a relative because I dont have power to my house. this company has failed to help me restore power and there isnt nothing they can do. Im supposecto go with out power for a week until I get paid. I dont think so. I will not accept this type of treatment. I was willing to work with them. They werent with me. Allci havecasked is to restore my power until. Friday so that i can make a payment simple right. No its not. The company has bad policy limited their customers to where they go without power. The company needs more policies and help their customers have power in their home snd really work with them. All I want is power restore to my house thats it. If the company doesnt want to be sued then help me help you. Period. No one should be without power at all. Work with me on getting power restored.

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