Chaplin & Gonet

Country United States
State Virginia
City Richmond
Address 5211 W Broad St #100
Phone 804-643-0133

Chaplin & Gonet Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2015

Received three collections letters all within 10 days. Although I do have a collection to pay for a old Geico claim, I want to pay it but cant!

I have called the firm three times and there is no-one that picks up the phone. I have also emailed now 5 times and have no response. Now what? I do not want my account to be delinquent and I want to pay the balance in full but there is no way to contact these people. I will try to drive over there (2 hours away) to see if they have an office that's open. This is absurd!

If you are considering using them for collections, you would be better served by other companies that are more responsive.

Hopefully Chaplin and Gonet will see this and they will become more responsive to folks who actually want to pay their past due balances. There are many people that have collections they didnt know about, me being one of them.

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