Clínica Acuario Valencia

Country United States
City Lower right, Valencia
Address C / Pere II Cerimoniós 7
Phone 963 619 315

Clínica Acuario Valencia Reviews

  • Dec 12, 2014

In this clinic abortions are performed. The doctor, Enrique Lebrero Martínez, is an unethical person who only cares about your money. I took a friend of mine there, who was pregnant, because she wasn't sure whether to keep her baby or not, and the doctor told her his "brilliant" opinion, that having a child at that age (20) was pointless, and that she needed to abort.

Furthermore, he pushed her to abort on that very same day. Absolutely non ethical behavior, especially if we consider the fact that she didn't ask for his opinion, but only general information about abortion.

Whatever your choice is, stay away from this clinic and the hands of doctor Enrique Lebrero Martinez.

If this is his behavior during a consultation, I can only imagine how he performs during surgery.

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