Colerain RV

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 3491 Struble Rd
Phone 513-923-3600

Colerain RV Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2015

I bought a new travel trailer from Colerain RV in January 2015. I voluntairly paid about $1,300 more than they were asking for the unit.

I was told that everything was ready for pick up. I traveled across country from Pueblo Colorado to Cincinatti to get the unit. When I got there I noticed that the swivel-rocker chair was broke. The back of the chair was seperated from the seat. The salesman, Brandon Moore, said that they would ship another chair to me. So we left for home back in Colorado.

In February I called Brandon and asked about the status of the chair. He said that he would check on it and get back to me. He never did. Another lie. So in March I called him again and he told me the same thing. I never heard back from him again. Another lie. In May I called him and he said the same thing. Again in June I called to talk with Brandon, then he had his manager call me. When I explained to the manager what was going on he asked if I still had the chair. I told him that I threw it away months ago because it was beyond repair. He then had Brandon call me back. This time Brandon said that because they didn't take a picture of the broken chair the manufacturer would not warranty it. He then said that if I bought a new chair and sent them a reciept that they would refund the amount that I paid as long as it wasn"t more than $400. I bought a new chair for $321 and sent them the reciept. Two weeks later I again called Brandon and asked if they had recieved the reciept yet and sent out the refund payment. He claimed that his manager just went home and that Brandon would have to check with him two days later. The next day I called to talk to his manager and found out that his manager was on vacation for the entire week. Another lie. The person i was talking to said that there was no case opened for a refund.

I feel that they are taking advantage of me because I live out of state. They have been putting me off and playing games for 5 months now with no end in site.

I would highly recommend that people stay away from they lies that Colerain RV personel tell their customers. Like car salesmen they promise you the world and then don't deliver.

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