Community Auto Sales & Leasing, Inc.

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City West Palm Beach
Address 1710 Upland Road
Phone 561-371-1015

Community Auto Sales & Leasing, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

Mark H. Peterson operated Community Auto Sales & Leasing in West Palm Beach. Aside from being a "Cocky" "Self-Centered" "Know It All Blow Hard Bragger" he's also a white collar common thief. He had been "cooking the books" & juggling other peoples money for about 1-year. He knew Community Auto Sales was in trouble for months. He sold several cars & never provided the buyers the titles.

He cashed the checks & disappeared. Left a lot of us out hundreds of thousands of dollars. Presently the U.S Attorney's Office & The Florida State Attorneys Office have launched investigations into him & his operation for fraud. If you are a victim of his criminal activities call Diane Buck, Regional Director Florida Department of Motor Vehicles @ 561-640-6820.

Beware of this COWARD. Don't give him your money he'll just take it & GUARANTEED you'll get ripped off. There are a lot of people with names like "Mario Bananna's" & "Boomie BaNozo" looking to square things up. His Gorgeous Wife is also a victim. The Company was in her name & unfortunately she's left holding the bag. Mark Peterson your a "crackhead scumbag." SHAME ON YOU

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