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Conn's, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2015

Last Sunday, July 19th, I went into Conn's with my mother to take a look at refrigerators and washer and dryers. I spoke to the store manager first, his name was Andy. He then had me talk to Jesus Tovias once we determined what I intended to buy for pulling financing info. My total investment was just shy 7,000. I was told that my things would be delivered the following Thursday for free. I got a call the evening before the delivery to let me know they were coming and that I would need to be available. The crew finally showed up around 7:45 pm Thursday evening. Leo was the head contractors name. He brought me the dryer but had a 3 prong cable and we needed a 4 prong. He didn't have any extra in his truck but when I immediately called Jesus on his cell that he gave me for any problems, he seemed "put off" that I was calling him and didn't remember who I was. After he figured out who I was, he proceeded to tell me that he was on vacation. Why he would give out his cell while about to leave for vacation I'll never understand but he didn't correspond quite a bit with me even though he didn't have to. He arranged for someone to bring the correct cable the following day, however after they hooked the dryer up, it came on initially but as soon as the heating element began to heat, the breaker popped. This tells us at the time that there is something wrong with the dryer because we have been using our older dryer for four years in the same house and it pulls more amps than the newer dryer. The contract workers tell me that there is something wrong with our breaker and I argue and tell them no and then speak to Andy who is the manager at the Conn's. He told me that he would have someone come out and make sure its the dryer. I told him that by this point, I've taken off two days and now having to take a third and missing income and so they needed to come out and exchange the dryer. He said it would be done........guess what?? next day no one calls to confirm delivery so at Andy's request, I call him again and speak to him and get put on hold while he called the warehouse. Finally get another crew out and they did not have a new dryer for me.

  • Jul 18, 2015

Bought Red River sofa set all 3 8/10/13 Peeling. And tearing cracks all over them Bad Quality Do not Buy Here Buy real leather like the floor models like Pruitts furniture in Phoenix Top Floor I bought 2 piece sofas lasted 10 yrs real Learher Smells people Conn's salesman begs you to buy this Furniture Gard Plan For what !!!!! Promises to cover everything Hello you dont You sell trash thats were is going to the garbage... trash Conn's store . People need to know .Sofas set $4000 and more plus interest Shame on you

  • Jul 17, 2015

I applied for a conn's credit card online on July 1, 2015, I was approved within seconds. I was sent an email that stated I have to bring my approval code number two forms of credit and proof of home owners insurance to the store to make a purchase. I was called by conn's sales person that evening to set up an appoint to come in to make a purchase.

I wasn't home but did call the sales person back on July 2, 2015 and told him the item i wanted to purchase was on sale and the sale would was ending today, I'm prepared to come in and I just wanted to make sure the items in the email were all I needed to bring. He told me there was no rush the sale would be extended through the 4th of July and it wasn't necessary to bring my proof of insurance, I asked him twice about the incurance both times he said it was not necessary.

I was approved for a 24 month interest free loan on anything up to 9,000.00 dollars. The LG washer and dryer I purchased were on sale for 699.00 each if bought as a set. I purchased the set and was given a contract for the purchase of a whasher and dryer priced at 769.99 each, a home owners insurance policy and a 685.45 finance charge for my interest free loan.

I called the sales person on the 5th of July and reminded him that I asked him twice if I needed to bring my proof of insurance when I came on the 3rd of July. He also explaind to me that there was one page in my contract that stated I had a 24 month interest free loan, the amount and the amount of the payment. He didn't tell me that I Was also charged 88.32 for Earned insurance premium due during cash option period. of my Iterest Free Loan.

On 7 July 2015 I called the store manager, he wasn't availaqble I was told he would call me back. After an hour of waiting I called again, this time he was in a meeting, I asked the person I was talking to for the number to their corporate office and their district mamagers name, she didn't know the number and couldn't give me a name??? At that point the store manager did get on the line. I asked why I wasn't given the discount the flyer gave for the washer and dryer because I did purchase them as a set. He otld me If I couldn't provide a flyer he couldn't give a discount. I told him his sales person said the sale was extended through the 4th of July.

He again told me, without a flyer I couldn't get the discount. At that point I asked him for the procedure for returning the washer and dryer. He told me there was a 15% restocking fee but, He never told me the procedure to return the washer and dryer.

As of today, 16, July 2015 the insurance policy has not been removed from my contract (I did provide proof of insurance). I still have not been told the procedure for returning the washer and dryer. So far what I have ended up with is a five page contract the amounts to over 3,000.00 dollars for what I thought was a 24 month interest free loan. I payed 769.99 each for a washer and dryer that the sale price was 699.00 each when bought as a set. And charged 88 dollars and some change for insurance on my interest free loan?????

Take it from me, if you are making a major appliance purchchase make sure Conn's is not one of your options. Avoid dealing with a Con.

NOTE: I will be posting my contract on social media locations online

  • Apr 21, 2015

On Saturday April 11th of 2015 my partner Craig Smith purchased a couch and a set of end tables (INVOICE # 027006692-001) that came with a coffee table, from the Conn's store at 1655 South Stapley Drive Mesa, Arizona 85204. It was myself my partner our roommate and her boyfriend who were looking at furniture. We were approached by Deborah Powers, and she became our sales rep; she was very pushy and annoying. She forced us to purchase a set of side tables and coffee table, by saying we either had to purchase them or pay $140.00 to have the couch delivered to our home in Prescott Valley.

A few things have come up about the sale that really ticks us off. Deborah never discussed the terms of her companies warranty until after the contract was printed and signed. #2 She failed to mention the warranty or the return policy. #3 not once were we informed about her putting "life insurance" on our loan: I have never nor would I agreed to that. On 4/13/15 our delivery arrived at our door at about 3pm, Craig received the furniture delivery by Alex and Gill and not once did they ever tell us we had 72 hours to return the furniture if we weren't happy or if the furniture had defects or issues. After the delivery drivers had left we had noticed the tables were very unstable and the glass kept sliding on the supports, we can not have this in our house due to a toddler lives with us and safety is utmost IMPORTANT to us.

On 4/14/15 I called over to Deborah to let her know that I wanted to return the tables due to the manufacturers defect and that's when she told me about the return policy, in a smug condescending tone says," I told you there is NO RETURNS!" She said she would talk to her manager and call us back. Later that night at about 8:30pm she said that we would have to call service a total of 3 times before we could get credit for the tables and exchange them for something else. On 4/15/15 I called service at 7:30 am our time and spoke with a representative that told me that we had 72 hours to return the tables if we were not happy or if they ha a defect. She also mentioned that we needed to contact the store manager. I called at 10:30am and asked for a manager, and they told me that they would call me back. I waited to about noon then called back and spoke with Manager Chris Hernandez. He said that he would call the warehouse and get back to me....never received a return phone call. Our roommate Deseree called at about 1pm and spoke with someone higher up then the woman she was talking to. The higher up rep asked who our sales rep was at the store and when Deseree told her Deborah Powers the woman knew exactly who she was and wasn't surprised. She told us to drive the tables to 7313 West Thomas Road in Phoenix, which I might mention was the wrong address it was supposed to be 7333 West Thomas Rd. So, Craig and myself packed up the tables into my van and drove them to the phoenix location. Keep in mind we drove over an hour from Prescott Valley to do this.

We walked in and spoke with a rep that had no clue what we were talking about and told us to go back to the Stapley Store in Mesa and speak with the manager. In the mean time Craig was on the phone with customer service and must have spoke to about 3 reps including Crystal. Crystal was still fighting us tooth and nail, because none of the other representatives made notes in our account. Crystal transferred us to her manager Meredith in which went to voice mail in which I left a voice mail to call me back. I have yet heard from her. We arrived at the Stapley store in Mesa and spoke directly with the Manager Chris Hernandez and he was a complete rude ***** Basically. Chris refused any help to remedy the issues at hand, he said we would have to wait for the warehouse to come back up to our home in Prescott Valley. We told him we were tired of being ran around and that we would personally drive now to a third place dealing with Conn's. We then headed over to the warehouse located at 1100 North 127th Ave Avondale, Arizona; which I would like to add was over and hour away in traffic from the Mesa store. Once there was were being helped by a man named Bill, he was doing all he can including calling the store we purchased the furniture and tables from and calling corporate for us. He called the Mesa store and spoke to the manager Chris Hernandez, Mr. Hernandez was a real jerk to Bill, he told Bill the same garbage he told us. Bill agrees that because of the defect in the furniture we should be able to return it. Bill was the most helpful person all day!!! Bill got us on to customer service in which the rep was able to created a 72 Hour Help ticket which number is # 414483. So, after driving around Phoenix (wasting time, gas, and energy) to try to resolve the issue, it has not been resolved. I have never been treated so rudely and passed off as meaningless by a company who obviously is not in the business of Customer Service what so ever. You have the most unprofessional and rude employee's I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

4/16/15 Tiffany from Conn's help desk called and said we had to do a service call to get the item looked at. She was very rude and snickered as she told us no to the return. Called Service who said we would have to wait for approval.

  • Mar 26, 2015

This has been a nightmare since I got this laptop within the third week the pc has had issues they sold me a used computer at a new price I called them and asked they honor this and take the pc back and give me a new one they told me no I should have called the first week well duh it went down on the 3rd week so ok I call the warrenty dept in which I paid a extra 299.00 for that service and it is now march 2015 and I have still not heard from them. I called Toshiba and they sent me to click for support who charged me for working on this pc. ok so I make my payments on time and then I collapsed on way to work taken to er put in hospital for 4 days had heart surgery so I called conns immediately after getting out of the hospital and tried to make pymt arrangements finally after weeks of calls and their collection dept harassing me on a daily basis 5 and 6 times a day they agree to half payments now all the sudden they are calling my sick mom who is 80 years old just out of hospital on oxygen they called her 6 times in a row this is ridiculous. I have asked for a ceo or higher up to contact me to no avail all they send you is mgrs. who are just as lame as the customer service and collections dept. so I will be contacting the atty general ofc and a consumer advocate this has to stop conns needs to be shut down and anyone who has had or having these issues please feel free to contact me as I am going to start a case hopefully soon am waiting 72 hours to see if I hear from anyone and see if this will be resolved as I filed a complaint with corp. ofc Beaumont

  • Jan 29, 2015

Stay away from this company !!!! After buying an electronic washer/dryer set from Conn's I have problems with getting my dryer repaired, I paid the site fee and someone came out after missing his first date. I am constantlly given new appt. dates and no tech shows up. The tech called me buy phone and has the part but no one shows up for thr repairs.

I am very upset that I paid for a warranty and this company has such poor customer service and don't honor their or products. I will only buy from Sears in the future.

  • Jan 12, 2015

I financed a new two piece couch, bed frame, mattress and dressers in April of 2014. I called customer care and wanted to return the couches and bed due to poor quality after just 35 days of use. They refused to help on returns or exchanges. The furniture they sell is the cheapest built I've ever seen!

  • Dec 22, 2014

I was sold property insurance on a television i purchased and was told by the seller that i will be cover for any damage that may happen.I was also sold a television that may have been refurbish due to (2) other television I purchased from this same location. I was rushed to be up sold a higher dollar amount from the seller. The screws that was giving to us to use on the television has cause damage to the tv. this happen 28 days after we purchased the tv. We called and we called. They waited until 33days after the purchased was made to only find out the tv was not cover and now there are giving us the run around. We also made another purchase where there put proerty insurance on that ticket when we told them we didnt need that type of insurance due to us already having that insurance.the seller at this location need training on how they sell. the manager as well.

  • Dec 15, 2014

My wife & I purchased a 55" 4k Samsung Curved smart TV from Conn's Home Plus. In the show room-picture was wonderful-very vivid, like you could just touch everything. When I installed the TV on the wall-adjusted the TV it did not have the same picture as in the show room. Call for a technician to . Monday 12/15/2014-technician Anthony stated that we would never have the picture as in the show room-that was like a DVD-the networkcome out-Directv-Comcast-ATT does not have 4k service-it would be months or years until they get it. We were not told about this service. My wife stated she wanted the same picture that they have in the show room-salesman said great that we would be happy. We are not-why buy a 4k TV when you can not get 4k service. Now they want to charge me 15% restocking-even though the salesman never explained about the 4k & that you have to have 4k service to have that kind of picture. We were misled to in order to sell us the TV. I do feel that I should not have to pay a restocking fee of any kind & that If I desire to exchange the 4k for another model with any penalties. This is not right for any company to do this to a customer. The sales person should of asked if I knew about 4k & that I needed the 4k service. The service tech explained that he has had numerous complaints from customers about the same issue-fantastic picture in show room, no 4k @ home only 1080p. Totally misled us...

All I want is to exchange the Samsung 4k Curved Smart TV no# UN55HU7250 for $1299.99 for the Samsung LED Smart TV no#UNH6350 for $1299.99---no restocking fee or penalties of any kind. Just exchange the evenly--same financing & 1 year no interest. All the same just the Samsung LED TV instead of the Samsung 4k Curved. Again---no restocking fees or penalties of any kind.....

  • Sep 23, 2014

Would have given 5 stars if this whole experience wouldn't have turned into a horrible nightmare. First I would suggest to everyone that works at the mesa location to pull head from sphincter then come to work also don't tell people that you are trying to sale something to, a complete and udder lie! We went in to buy a living room set and was told things about the insurance and exchange policy that later ended up to not be true. Then when we tried to have our issue dealt with we were shoved aside by Mark the original sales person who also was the one who deceived us then we had to talk to "manager" named Alan who has absolutely no customer service skills or compassion. When we finally got to talk to a general manager he helped us feel a little better and thought that our issue was finally going to be handeled. But once again we started getting the run around again with the whole "no answer yet will call you back tomorrow" well we didn't get a call back and when i called the gm back suprise suprise it was his day off. Then they tried to pass us to someone else and after all this time we still have no answer or resolution to our issue. Whatever you do don't take the risk of going to this place it is definitely to good to be true.

  • Jul 16, 2014

Had a couch delivered Monday July 7 at 11 AM, I did not notice the problem area(s) until after the delivery. On the back of the couch (where the back panels meet in the corners) its peeling back on most of the corners and you can see screws and staples. There is also material that has been rubbed off on the corners, like its been dragged on the ground.

I was told by delivery that I had 72 hours to call if there was an issue. I called 623-882-2400 at 830 am on July 10 (NOT YET 72 hours). Once I received a call back @ 1:53 PM (now after 72 hours) I was told that it’s over 72 hours (because Conn's counts days not hours) and they will send someone out to repair it. Why do the delivery drivers say 72 hours if it's not really 72 hours?

I called customer service and no one can help you, they tell you to call the store, the store tells you to call customer service and they in turn transfer you to the "correct" department, but it's never the correct department. They open tickets and then close them as resolved without ever communicating what the resolution is. They tell you oh I am waiting for corporate let me call you back and they never call.

On Saturday July 12, I finally called the manager at the Chandler store, Joe, and he told me that they were going to replace the defective section of the couch. The delivery people called that same day to set up a time to come out and replace the defective couch. Sunday, July 13, the delivery driver is at the house and tells me that Conn's ordered the wrong one. You deliver a couch that is already falling apart and then when you try to correct the problem you mess that up too.

I had other items that we purchased (oven, rug and microwave) that have not been delivered and I have already cancelled those. On Monday July 14, I called customer service yet again and asked them to come pick up their defective couch and to close the credit account.. I was told they could come get the couch, for a $129.00 fee and then I could exchange it for something else, or I could do a voluntary repo but I am still responsible for payment.

When you make a big purchase, such as a couch, you are not only paying for quality merchandise, you're paying for quality customer service. Since the couch was delivered defective and then you sent the wrong couch out to "fix" my issue and the complete lack of customer service, I would like for Conn's to come pick up their defective couch, which still has all the tags on, and close my credit account with no negative impact on my already good credit.

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