Craig Boswell

Country United States
City St. Louis, Missouri
Address 969.N. Mason
Phone 314-628-8200

Craig Boswell Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

Dr. Craig Boswell performed an Erbium Laser Resurfacing Peel. I was quite surprised when he told me I would not need to be sedated for it. He said he would charge me $1500 to go over my face entirely TWICE (2 passes) with the laser.

Well, he began the procedure and it was so immediatly painful I broke out in a drenching sweat and began to shake. I could literally feel and smell the flesh on my face burning. I thought I would vomit the burning was so intense on my face. I have never in my life experienced white hot pain like that. I remember I started to feel palpitations in my chest like my heart was beating erratically or skipping beats. I became panicked at was happening to me. I knew I would never endure 2 passes. My mind was racing in disbelief a that an ethical Dr. would do this to another human being without sedation. It was nothing short of inhuman and I begged him to just stop. Ridiculously he tries to hand me an ibuprofen afterward but I was shaking so uncontrollable I could not even hold it or a cup of water in my hand.

When I was finally able to walk to check out, the receptionist said I looked white as a sheert and whispered to me that the staff could "not believe I had wanted to do that procedure without sedation". My mouth dropped open. I told her he had told me it was not needed. The receptionist told me she had procedure but was heavily sedated with valium from the Dr. and had someone drive her home afterward.

She then called him to the desk and asked if she was to charge me for "one pass or two?" and unbelievably he turns his back to me and says in a low voice "two". I was so outraged.! He had not even done ONE complete pass before I had begged him to stop! He KNEW he had not done two passes! To add insult to injury? I did not get the results he promised which was for my face to peel after a couple of days "revealing beautiful skin underneath." My result? My face broke out in huge red whelts. It looked horrible. No peeling occurred whatsover.

When I called to complain, he told me he didnt give me sedation because "the building his office was located in was not equipped for IV Sedation". I was furious that he had not revealed the true reason prior to the procedure. It is a lot different to represent you are not offering sedation because "its not needed nor warranted" versus you "are not equipped to provide it."

And that certainly doesn't excuse him for not offering me ORAL sedation that he provided to his receptionist. So he knew the procedure was painful. Trying to endure such a painful procedure without sedation resulted in an incomplete procedure and poor results. He also unnecessarily put me through the most traumatic experience of my life. And he overcharged me, point blank lying to his receptionist that he did TWO passes.

Dr. Craig Boswell. in my opinion, should have his license revoked.

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