Curtco International

Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Etobicoke (Toronto)
Address 315 Attwell Drive
Phone 416-674-2123

Curtco International Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2014

I have a Curtis 1080P 24” LED2400A TV model 210435, serial number 1204796104853. THIS IS THE WORST TV I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! I purchased the TV on 1-29-2013 and since that time I have had nothing but difficulty with it. I had to call your spare parts department for a remote control to work my TV. My universal remote could not be programmed to work with the TV. Then the volume on channels 1-13 broke and I cannot hear anything on these channels. Now the signal is intermittent on several channels above channel 13. After the TV has been on 1 hour ALL sound goes off, only the picture remains. My other TV works fine. I am asking for my purchase price of $174.02 to be refunded. Your website says I will receive an answer to my problem in 1 day. It has been 2 days and you will not call me back. As far as I am concerned you will not stand behind your product and your warranty is worthless. If I had known how disreputable this company was I would have never purchased the television.

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