Customer 1 Auto

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Lehighton
Address 700 North 1st Street
Phone 610-377-1777

Customer 1 Auto Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2014

I bought a car in august of 2014 with a 3 month bumper to bumper warrenty. My car has broken down every month since i bought it and their service shop doesnt cover any of the problems i had with my car. All repairs will come out of your pocket even if you have a warrenty. Next issue i have is now my car has blown the engine and now my car has been sitting down at their shop for over a month and is still currently there. Supposedly it takes 14 hours to put my engine in and they have had my car in their shop "working on it" for over 32 hours now. The fuel pump went as soon as i bought the car and i found out it only takes 30 minutes to put it in but it took them over a week. You might as well go to a junk yard to buy a car instead of customer1, it would probably be a better car than what they sell. If they ever give me my car back I will NEVER take it to them again and i will Never even return to their shop. EXTREMLY PISSED OFF!!!!!!

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