Cvv Mobile

Country United States
State Bhutan
City Cedar Rapids
Address Edgewood Plaza - Unit D710
Phone (712) 560-9380

Cvv Mobile Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

Buyers beware! This is a scam. They have you click on a website and click buy it now. Then a form comes up where you fill out your information and a description of what you want to buy. Then an Arab calls your number and sounds like he has you on speakerphone telling you that once you pay with Paypal he will ship it out in two days. Finally they send a fake Paypal website for you to pay on and then never send the items. I challenged the person and told him I was no longer interested because it was a scam. He tried to say that I should call Paypal and find out how protection works. He also said that they were a brand new company trying to get and keep new customers. After that I asked him if he was from the Netherlands and he wouldn't respond. I then emailed him again asking him if I should just assume that he was a scammer because he ignore my question about being located in the Netherlands. He then responded and told me to take my business elsewhere. If this was truly a new company trying to gain customers they wouldn't be so eager to throw away new customers when asked if they are scammers from the Netherlands. Stay away!

Also, this company has fake signs on their images from another local company. When doing a search for the photo it leads me to another ripoff report for Mac Trader. Apparently they are just moving locations around until they are found out. Be careful out there

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