Cyrus Mcnally

Country United States
State Alabama
City Honolulu
Address 2120 Fern St Apt 202, Honolulu, HI 96826

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  • Nov 17, 2020

You know him as nutildah, cyrusfx, cyrus.Fx, cyrusefx, cyrus mcnally, cyrus p mcnally, cyrus patrick mcnally born on december 26th 1978 and last known address 2120 fern st apt 202, honolulu, hi 96826, but known to spend time in santa barbara, california.

Cyrus mcnally is a sociopath, online troll, drug abuser, sex tourist and scammer known for picking up innocent victims in online forums, he is also known to travel to the philippines as sex tourist, he can be seen visiting angeles city walking street and picking up young girls half his age, he introduce himself as a journalist expert in cryptocurrency, he deceive the working girls and try to have sex with them without paying, in some cases he ask them to be his long term girlfriend in exchange of little money, he then ask the girls to move with him and they live together for a few months, during this period he tell the girl he will bring her to the usa, he then leave the philippines and never talk to the girl again.

Don't believe cyrus mcnally's lies, he likes to use women and then abandon them.

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