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  • Dec 18, 2014

To help fellow men out there who get caught up in the "supposed" Russian brides.

Here are the points:

You Have to pay every time you open up a woman's email , you do this by purchasing credits. $1= $1 credit , so some emails cost as much as $14 each. You will plough thru your credits very fast.

You have to pay another $50 bucks to get the womans personal email, most of them if they say they can only use the website service is a warning sign, yes I asked for one woman's email after filling out a form that looked home made for some more money - so they say it was a criminal background ck to make sure you are safe for the ladies. Good idea but I doubt they did anything. Also, it did not ask for any credit card, soc security or personal info so I was not worried about identity theft.

Trust me this website is very sophisticated they even rate certain women as to their trustworthiness , as well as testimonials from successful matches with men

Ask yourself what does a 25 yr old woman who is really a girl still want with a 50+ yr old? Answer? Money...

Bottom line , I was out a few hundred bucks and then I woke up, don't waste your money or your time. I have a gut feel these women are on the take and they get a portion of the proceeds although I cannot prove it. Also, I tried to terminate my acct and profile and there is no way to do it online. When I called it played music and no one answered, their live chat worked a couple times but this time it said 5 people ahead of you and then messaged the service is not available.

Stay away, save your money and don't fall for this crap. BTW they do have videos of these ladies as well, very very crafty ... easy to fall into and get ripped off. Think about it, why do you have to pay every time you open an email? Doesn't make much sense.

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