Dallas Employment Services Inc

Country United States
State Denmark
City Dallas
Address 750 North St. Paul Street #1180
Phone 214-954-0700
Website www.des-inc.com/

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  • Oct 31, 2014



On the job-seeker side you can send them as many emails as you like. You have a 0.0001% chance of hearing from anyone. If you (by some miracle) do hear from them, you'll get a short, sentence fragment or two in which they'll ask you some of the usual questions and that will be where it ends.

On the employer side you can try to send in job orders through their website, and you'll hear absolutely nothing from them. It's as if they don't want your business. You can call, but they'll pretend like getting through to Kay or another recruiter is as easy as resurrecting the Queen Mum.

I would say go somewhere else, but they're all the same. You're better off scanning CB or CL.

I had an absolutely horrible experience with this company. To put things mildly, Kay Eubanks was the most unpleasant person I met. She will place a blonde haired knock-out before anyone else.

She possesses a unique ability to make any situation a reason to exert her necessity to dominate her workplace. I find her method of control demeaning to every person exposed to her and in my opinion; she creates an unhealthy hostile work environment.

The frequency and degree of Kay's verbal abuse and conduct is unacceptable and prevented me from completing my assignment with the professionalism and quality I usually demonstrate. I take great pride in my work and work ethics and have never walked away from a job, until working for her.

found this company to be unprofessional and unresponsive. I am an experienced professional which my skills and qualifications reflect. I contacted the office regarding the status of a position and my resume submission. The person I spoke with was very nice and courteous. She provided me the email address of the "recruiter" handling the posting. I emailed Kelsey B. regarding the position posted and the status of my resume submission. I included a copy of my resume for her convenience, explained I had applied for the position several weeks earlier and asked for the status of the posting. It has been 2 weeks and my inquiry as yet to be unacknowledged. Courtesy represents quality. If this company does not retain top talent to represent themselves, can they be expected to recognize top talent for a client?

I"ve had the most horrible experience a person can have at this Employment Agency. I had been working a temporary job that I was happy with but was looking for something higher paying that was permanent and offered benefits. I interviewed with Kay Eubanks who then sent me on an interview at a Commercial Real Estate Firm. Everything seemed to have gone really well. Kay told me the company loved me and they offered me the job. I gave my job (the temporary one) 1 week's notice and trained a girl to replace my position. That weekend I was so excited, got a new outfit for my first day. I report to my new job @ 7:20 am (was supposed to be there at 7:30) when I arrive the lady who had interviewed me walked me back to her office picked up a resume and said, "Are you this Erika?" I said, "no" She said, "I'm sorry there's been a terrible mistake you are not the Erika we hired." I thought she was kidding. I told her I had quit my job for that job. She said, "I'm going to call Kay right now." I said, "so am I." I called Kay and told her what happened and she told me to call my old job and ask them for my job back. Once again flabbergasted. She then told me to come into their office and work with her because her assistant wasn't there. I said yes...... BIG MISTAKE. This woman's behavior is completely OUTRAGEOUS. From the moment she walked in until the moment she left she was cursing and complaining and belittling and condescending and treating everyone like they're idiots. She said GD I don't know how many times. Complete disregard and disrespect to anyone in her presence. I finally told the office manager that I couldn't work for her and she even agreed and said, "I wouldn't want to work for her either." They told me to go home they'd pay me for the week and and to call on Monday and they would have something for me. I called on that Monday to see what they had found and they said they never promised me anything and never did ANYTHING to repair the situation. I WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY OR SERVICES TO ANYONE. Wouldn't trust them to have YOUR best interest at hand. They're obviously only geared towards benefitting themselves.

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