Dalton Bateman

Country United States
State Alabama
City Gainesville
Address 405 SE 2nd Ave Ste 2
Phone (352) 234-3350
Website http://iamdalton.com/

Dalton Bateman Reviews

  • May 16, 2015

Dalton James Bateman has a history of Internet Fraud. He contacted me via LinkedIn. When he leaned about a website we were developing, he sent 2 detailed, well written emails describing ways to improve the site, including SEO and mobile enhancements. We spoke several times on the phone and via Skype video and he was intelligent, polite, and offered many useful insights. He then sent a detailed proposal for the services he could provide. I spoke on the phone with 3 references he sent me, and all confirmed that he was very smart and good at this type of work. I agreed to proceed and paid him to begin, with delivery due in 2 weeks. We had lots of seemingly quality communications during these 2 weeks, but when it came time for delivery, he disappeared.

Dalton told me he had to drive to attend a grandparent's funeral of his girlfriend Toscha Jones but would contact me the next day. I did not hear back for 4 days when Ms. Jones emailed me saying that Dalton was in a car crash, but was ok and she gave me her "personal guarantee" that he would deliver the items no later than Sunday. Sunday night Dalton emailed me (his first response in 1 week) to request a Tuesday call. I never heard back from him again.

After some investigations, I discovered many dishonest things:

- The address he gave me is an abandoned building.

- His references disclosed that they knew he was dishonest but didn't want to tell me because they wanted him to have a chance to start again. Perhaps they are accomplices.

- Most of the websites featured on his iamdalton.com site are shams. I contacted the owner of one that does exist, who told me that Dalton ripped him off as well.

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