David Whalen Project

Country United States
State California
City Stockton
Address 9537 Scarboro
Phone 702.883.8569
Website http://www.davidwhalenproject.com/

David Whalen Project Reviews

  • Feb 27, 2015

David Whalen is an imposter in the music business. I worked for the guy for two years and gave him over 2,400 hours of service and he is trying to jack me. I created all of his website, created and designed his logo, created all of his media information, designed all of his posters,flyers and even created his entire name and the name of his company. I did all his design work, got him a show in hollywood, gave him awards in Vegas, had him on TV and in the newspaper, but he is tryng to say bad things about me? In my opinion this is all race based. Any other person would be grateful, but because I'm a Black man, he wants to dog me and not give me what is owed to me and my partner. Not a good guy at all.

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