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Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Niagara Falls
Address 5943 Victoria Avenue
Phone 17162848801

Days Inns Worldwide, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2015

Customer By Email (Donna Chatman) (04/02/2015 11.35 PM)

To Whom It May Concern:

A couple of months ago, my husband and I booked a ONE night reservation at the Days Inn located at 1700 W. Broward Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL from January 24 - 25, 2015. We stayed there because we were told it was close to the Port Everglades Pier. To begin with, we called for a shuttle to that location and when the shuttle arrived, it took us to the Days Inn at 2601 N. 29th Ave, Hollywood, FL. When we arrived at the N 29th Ave location, we presented our reservation and Alina who was at the reservation desk at the time, handed it back to us and abruptly told us we were at the wrong hotel. Then we went to the driver (Mauricio) who refused to take us to the right hotel, which resulted in us having to pay for cab fare ($20-30) to go to the hotel on W. Broward. The only person at the hotel on N 29th Ave who had any kind of personality was Bill. He was a breath of fresh air. When we arrived at the W. Broward Ave location, we stood in a huge line, most of which was outside and upon checking in, we presented our reservation again and were told it was given away so they would just put us wherever they could find a spot. We stayed in room 213, which was evidently on the 2nd floor of a 5 floor hotel. My husband and I both believe this was a recently acquired hotel that was being renovated from the top down because the only suitable rooms were apparently on the 5th floor. We got this information from a couple of guests who stayed on the 5th floor and got clean decent rooms. The room we stayed in was nothing short of ghetto - disgusting, filthy, missing parts of walls, no closet bar to hang anything on, as well as a moldy and mildewed bathroom, among other things. We found it so cockroach-like that we slept in our clothes on top the beds - yes I said beds as in TWO! We were afraid to touch anything because everything was so filthy and we were leaving on a cruise on the 25th. This hotel is located in a barren wasteland with absolutely nothing around (as in a restaurant to eat in). We had to ask if there was somewhere we could call for takeout and ended up getting pizza. We did not even stay an entire night - thank GOD! This room was not even worth a plug nickel let alone what we actually paid. As a result, we were told we would be refunded for what we paid and to date, we don't know whether we were or not. What should have happened was the clerk should have refunded us at the time we informed him of the room conditions, but instead he told us we would be refunded through Expedia. If you're going on a cruise, I would stay anywhere but at this hotel or at least demand to stay on the 5th floor.

  • Oct 20, 2014

On 10/17/2014 I checked into the Days Inn located at 501 Regional Rd South. First off, my room carpeting was wet from the bathroom throughout half the rest of the room. Plus, the curtains had holes in them, as well as the lamp shades. After leaving the room to walk my dog, my dog got stung 10 times by bees in an nest in the ground under the back stairway of the motel in question. After this incident I was sick all together and went to the front desk to demand a refund. Talking with Mr. Niak he kicked me out of his hotel and told me there were no refunds. After I left the property I went and checked into a red roof inn up the street and I was telling the front desk clerk about my experience, and she told me he's kicked several people out of his hotel for complaining about his motel. Which in my own personal opinion, if he kicks people out of his motel for complaining about it and not giving them a full refund, he's committing fraud. This guy is pure scum.

  • Jun 27, 2014

We stayed at Days Inn Niagara Falls, Near the Falls for two nights December 24 & 25, 2013.

The hotel was noisy, dirty and the breakfast was crowded and terrible. Receptionists were busy surfing internet and did not pay any attention to the guests. Immediately after check in i came down and informed the reception that the telephone instrument in the room is broken the Days Inn Niagara Falls staff changed it after an hour. We checked out on December 26, 2013 and after a few days found out that the Days Inn Niagara Falls, Near the Falls has charged us $ 30 for breaking ironing board. I called the Days Inn Niagara Falls and asked about the charges. The person who picked up the phone was very rude and was talking like she was the eye witness of us breaking the ironing board. She said, our housekeeping staff reported that you broke the ironing board. I told her we did not even bother to take it out as we had no intentions to use it so we did not even check it. Moreover if your housekeeping is so competent and always 100% right then how come they did not see the broken telephone instrument right at the entrance. She did not answer this and just said we can't do anything, we found it broken.

Then I called Hotels. Com, they apologized and called the hotel while I was on hold. They told me that they cannot do anything either, but she was kind enough to email me $ 50 coupon for the next booking.

For me getting coupon from does not make any difference as I am not looking for money. For me creating awareness and saving people from these kind of rip offs is more important.

My first and foremost advise to fellow travellers is, DON'T STAY at Days Inn Niagara Falls, Near the Falls and if for any reason you have already booked or stay there Please ask the staff to accompany you to the room during the checkout and give you all clear in writing. Otherwise be prepared to see surprizes on your credit card.

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