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State Barbados
City Sandy Springs
Address 610 hall valley drive
Phone (909) 529-1950
Website www.db-edit.com/

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  • Jan 21, 2015

I was contacted by email, a company was interested in my resume from career builder. They did a phone interview and shortly after that I was hired as logistics manager. This company hired me to ship and receive electronics out of the country. I signed an employment agreement outlining my responsibilities and was instructed to communicate with my manager John Palau at db-edit.com. I was told by the company that I would be provided a printer, ink and camera. This is so I could take photos of all shipments and products in insure it was not damaged. My manager John Palau contacted me and said the the cameras and printers were all on back order and it would take 3 weeks to receive, so in the mean time if I could use my personal printer the company would reimburse my cost for ink. My first package arrived to my home on 10/20/14. This is my official start date for the company. I was told to send a scan of my w4 and I9 to accounting@reefelectro.

com. and I did. I was told that my first paycheck would arrive 30 days after my start date. This was to be a salary position of $2,200. Monthly and after my first check I could receive by weekly checks if requested. I was also told my first month of employment was a probation period and I would be payed $1,820. For my first month of work. On db-edit.com is were I would print invoices and shipping lables, and also see what was scheduled to arrive and also it had a chat area where I was to communicate with my manager John Palau. I was told I would be shipping 5 packages a week for training and after that it would be 15 packages a week for full time. I received a total of 1packages for the month of October, and the month of November 4 pacakage. November 27 came around when I should receive my first Check, but nothing arrived at my house. John Palau my manager notified me that he was out of the country(Europe) during the time i was supposed to get pay. About a week later i was told by Mr.Palau that the company experiencing financial difficulties due to the bank loans that the company took out previously. I was told that in about 2 weeks i was to expect payament which was in the month of December. Currently January 20 2015, i have not received anything from Reefectro or Journey electronic. I try numerous time to get in contact with my manager or human resources department unable to get in contact with anybody. I was no longer able to access the db-edit.com as it would tell me that important security updates were being installed. I have sent numerous emails and made hundreds of phone calls. No one ever responds. This was a horrible scam! I was counting on that money to catch up on bills and support my family. They got me good right before Christmas! They have all my personal information and i have no money to hire a lawyer to go after these people. I looked this company up before getting into this and I didn't find anything negative. I know they have done this to others but maybe under other company names. If their is anyone who has good advice what I can do to go after these people, please I need to hear from you. SHA

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