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DCYF Concord Case Worker, Tammi Ann Searle Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2015

My Girl Friend and I have a 17 month old boy. His real father walked out on him at about four months old. When I started seeing her a few months after he started wanting to see his child more after me and her got very serious in the relationship. I was growing very attached to the child and was doing everything that a father would do for his son change, feed meals, bath, play, read books everything and anything I could do to help.

The one of the few times we let him go with the father the child came back with bruises on his face. The father told us he had fallen down the stairs at his mothers appartment. We took pictures of the injury to be safe but wasn't overly worried the child just started walking about a month before and was falling alot and getting small bumps and bruises. We were mostly concerned with the fact of the child climbing the stairs unwatched.

Note: There is a history of easy bruising on the mother's side both mom and grandmother bruise easily. Mother's sister broke her leg twice at a very young age.

Around the same time the child took a fall from the crib. The mother came in and found him slumped over a toy truck the child didn't seem to be in pain and there was no bruises that we could see but we did take him in for his regular well chid check up visits to see his primary care Dr and we were told there was no serious injurys and they are normal bumps and bruises that a child would get while first walking (other than the bruises from the stairway fall.)

One afternoon I brought the child in to lay down for a nap unknowingly the childs foot/leg got caught in the spindals of the crib while I was putting him in upon repositioning the baby I heard a pop and the child started to cry thats when I noticed the foot was still in between the spindals of the crib. At that point I knew the childs leg must have broke. I brought the child out to the next room over to his mother laid him on the couch I was in a state of panic crying and very upset. I told the mother I thought his leg was broken. We brought him straight to the hospital to get medical attention immediatly.

As soon as we arrived at the Emergency Room and stated what happened the Nurses treated us as if we had beaten the child. We told then exactly what had happened and they called in the Social Worker that worked at the hospital. She took photos of various bruises on the child and explained that DCYF was going to have to be called in to investigate the situation. From that point on we were automatically guilty of CHILD ABUSE. Which was far from the case.

When DCYF became invovled everything got twisted around they told me that my Girlfriend said one thing and told my Girlfriend I had said another. That was before we actually had meetings with the Investigators from the Sheriffs Department. DCYF met with my Girlfriend at our appartment and told her that our son was going to go into foster care until they came to a finding, which would only take a few days. When they already knew that the Father had gone and gotten an Emergency Ex-Parte Order which he was told to do so by the social workers from DCYF because they didn't have enough evidence to get us on the charges. Then the next day the same woman from DCYF came back to our home and informed my Girlfriend and her mother that the father had temporary custody of the child, a child that he walked away from 8 months before hand.

We havent heard from DCYF since that day. We havent heard anything about us being charged or anything for that matter. It took 17 days for my girlfriend to see her son, and the only way she could see him was at a visitation center where they made her feel like a criminal. I havent seen the child in 3 months, which is very painful because I have been a father to him since he was 4 months old. Now the mother is seeing him 2-3 times weekly for several hours which has to be supervised by her mother.

We still have not gotten anything back from DCYF or The Sheriff's Department, even though we both have lawyers that have been calling them left and right, and are getting no response back. We are waiting for a Guardian Ad Lituem to step in and figure out what is going on, but because DCYF lied and manipulated the situation this child is without the two people that have been raising him and he was thrown into a house with a family and father that he doesn't know. Currently waiting on a court date.

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