Deede Draper

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Scottsdale
Address 2939 North 67th Place
Phone 480-219-5881

Deede Draper Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2014

The story is very simple. I worked for this conwoman. I was in terrible grief and she encouraged me to place my entire life savings into an account that was "safe". She assured me that I would be the only one who could and would perform transactions on the account.

My mother passed away, followed by my father just a few months later. I loved my parents and liked them as well. Suffice is to say, I was in a terrible state of mind.

Deede Draper, without my consent or knowledge, did not remove herself from the account, as she said she would, and, while in terrible emotional condition, without anyone looking over my shoulder, withdrew over $100,000 from the aqccount, leaving me pennyless! on top of the deaths that befell me, this crook (Ms. Deede Draper, Paralegal) has caused an incredible amount of damage to me. I have no money for rent, food, a car; my credit is now marked and my FICO score is not evven within a close proximity to my qualifing to rent an apartnemt, obtaining a loan, etc.

Beccause this crooked con woman stole my entire life savings, had the account statements sent to a PO Box, not to the office in which we worked, at a time when I simply couldn't make a good decision, family members are angry with me, I am subject to several lawsuits, I have had to pawn all of my parents personal effects that th\ey left me in order to pay rent and eat.

Ms. Draper knew exactly when I was at my lowest, as she pretended to be a very close friend of mine. The relationship was platonic, however, we spent quite a lot of time outside the offrice, going to movies, out for meals, etc, in fact, this con even had the audicity to inroduce me at times as her "brother".

She promised many times to repay me and on every date she assured me I woulod be repaid, I was not. I am going to have to sue her.

The bank at which the acccount was established was very helpful to me and is very upset over this occurrrence. They spent hours copying statements, withdrawal slips, etc.


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